The UPDATE is A Liege man in his fifties has been arrested under a warrant is placed for the murder of a Dutch truck driver. Passers-by found it on October 23, in the parking lot on the E42 motorway at Couthuin (province of Liège), the lifeless body of the trucker next to his trailer. The arrested man (50’s) reed, and after a verkeersruzie with the truck on the uitgestapte the driver to go, and ran away.

The driver of the truck, and the truck driver drove that Wednesday morning a little after 9: 00 a.m. in the in the direction of the Names. The driver, according to La-Meuse , is of the opinion that the truck driver is too fast. He took the truck over and slowed down deliberately, an abrupt, causing the truck driver, the same had to do to avoid a collision. This led to an argument. Both vehicles are set below the their path. A few minutes later, the truck driver and the exit to the parking lot and ran over there on that car.

The man in his fifties was sitting behind the steering wheel and saw that the trucker, his cab and left, and the van was moving away . He raced over to the man and ran away. He died on the spot.People were able to, on the basis of the bewakingscamerabeelden after a day of research for the van to identify it. The man in his fifties was last Tuesday in the home is to be charged.

The suspect was yesterday before the court, and that it has the release under the supervision order. The Liège public prosecutor needs to know to lodge an appeal against the decision of the Chamber of the Charge.

About the actual nationality of the deceased, the truck driver was some lack of clarity. La-Meuse , referred to this as a Dutch national, as the public prosecutor of Liège, is a call to witness, a few days after the fact, it had been a truck driver with a dual German and Turkish citizenship. The public prosecutor’s office speaks of an englishman.