A policeman knocked down a pedestrian during a rainstorm: the court passed sentence for the accident two years ago

the may day district court of Novosibirsk passed a guilty verdict in the case of a policeman who violated traffic rules and hit a pedestrian is injured with fractures in the hospital with head injuries and leg.

the accident occurred almost two years ago — October 21, 2018, in the interval between 21:00 and 22:00. Senior police Sergeant was driving along the street may day from Berdsky highway to the side street of Heroes of Revolution.

On the court’s website says that police acted “with criminal negligence” and violated a number of traffic. He did not realize that it is raining, and the road hard to see, did not reduce speed and began to turn from one road to another, while at a red light. In the end, he knocked down a pedestrian.