The man, now at Carlisle, in the north-west of England, spent hours upside down in a 90-meter-high chimney of a former factory, has been, is dead. This is the local police department confirmed.It is not yet clear how the man, in his precarious position, too.

it is thought that the daredevil last night, not in the and Dixons Chimney. has gone up. The Media in the United Kingdom are reporting that neighbors of the man was heard yelling and the police are alerted. Emergency services rushed to about a half, three at the scene of the accident.

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click On video to see how a man, seemingly in his clothes, on the top of the stone structure is. His legs were sticking up in the air. The emergency services tried for hours to get him to a safe and secure way to back again on the ground to release it. A rescue attempt with the help of a helicopter, it is unfortunately, it failed, reports Sky News. There was a crane in place to help with the rescue. The roads in the area have been shut down.

Because of its precarious position, it is not possible for a man to rescue,” said Matt Kennerley, of the police department of the county of Cumbria, the British broadcaster, the BBC. “We are trying to get to the man underneath, to make that happen.”