In Kortrijk, In the satirical news program, The Ideal World, the spot is driven by means of a resolution of the mayor Vincent Van Quickenborne, in our paper. He was called to the fire, where the water slides at the new pool, destroyed, touched, ” the 9/11 attack on Courtrai’.

“People are going to, years later, still knowing what she was that night, exactly at all, when the fire started”, said Vincent Van Quickenborne, the Team’s Mayor) have been compared. He meant, of course, is not that the two events are, in terms of human suffering, the other could be compared, but the judgment was a difficult matter for some of the mopjes, in an Ideal World.

the Presenter, Jan-Jaap mentioned in the slides, including the ‘Twin Towers ‘ of courtrai (Kortrijk), and a sidekick, Sarah, Vandeursen said aloud, wondering where the second plane crashed somewhere, it would have fallen. Vandeursen, drew, inter alia, on report to our in order to a lot of people out there have felt, to be measured. You can get the episode by re-using