Traveling nearly a thousand passengers with their breath, which is now the captain of the cruise liner Braemar succeeded in a 22.5-metre-wide vessel, but one unmarked by the use of super-narrow Corinth Canal in Greece, to recover. The 6.3-kilometre-long waterway between the mainland and the peninsula Peloponnese is around 25 feet wide, but in some places, is only 23 meters, which are sometimes on opposite sides of the structure, only 25 inches of space left over.

in Accordance with the Norwegian shipping company, the Fred Olsen Line Cruises – the owner of a huge Braemar – the pass is not unique because of the breadth of the ship, but mainly because of the length of 24.300 ton cruise ship, which is 165 meters, which is extremely difficult to maneuver in it mainly straight Canal of Corinth. “We will be the largest cruise ship ever to can the channel and had, screams in the business. “There are going to be for the year 1893, the minutes again, but for those of us in the pre-initiative.”

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and The Corinth Canal is located between the deGolf of Corinth, and deGolf of Aegina, and is man with explosives and a craft built. In the course of navigation, the route between Piraeus, the Ionian Sea and is about 350 miles shorter period of time. Nevertheless, it is only suitable for medium-sized vessels. The strong currents make it dangerous for small boats, as the shallow depth (eight feet) with a reason for the large ships of over 10,000 tons.

A tugboat and navigate all of the vaarschepen through it in about half an hour. This is what happened, just like the Braemar to be very careful, since the almost perpendicular wall of gravel and loam, frequently falling and causing damage. Long waiting times, high toll costs, and a dangerous manoeuvre to carry, nor to the intensive use of the canal.