Livios an apartment for rent in the heart of the city, to have a mobile tiny house in the natural surroundings of the Hieronymus (46) it is less than a second to complain. “From day one it felt this good,” says the single father of two daughters, aanbouwsite Livios.

Jeroen chose a tiny house in a suburb of the city. “I want to go back into nature, to live for peace and balance. I was playing more with the idea of a tiny house, it’s because jedeels, or completely off-the-gridkan to go. That really stood out to me as well. As for the environmental aspect of the job. Only in a tiny house in Belgium is not that clear-cut. I have been living there, it is not permanent, because there is no regulation for that.”

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the Unclear legislation in Flanders

The law relating to tiny houses, it is, indeed, very vague. “There is nothing, properly arranged in England”, says Jeroen. “In the walloon region, they are still working on is a true leader. In Alkmaar, where the local authority is providing special land for a tiny house, on the condition that the off-the-grid-goes down. A good initiative for the city.”

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financial freedom

Not everyone is able to buy a house.Especially when the woonbonus is lost. “It’s a tiny house is not an option for everyone. It is ideal as a stepping stone for those who have just graduated and want to buy them. Also, for a young couple or a couple with a baby, it is perfect,” says Jeroen. “I think it’s great that my children are able to show that this is also a woonmogelijkheid, so that they can later become more conscious choices. A tiny house gives you a lot of freedom, it is also financial. My tiny house that cost € 50,000, but you’ve got it all for 35.000 à 40.000 euros.”