Why did Hitler wore half pants

History 15/02/20 Why Hitler wore half pants

you can Argue about the biases of some Western collectors to buy a variety of things, including underwear belonging to any celebrity, regardless of what the person was famous, apparently, not worth it. And an assessment of their inclinations not to give us. But still, buy some items of underwear a person recognized by the world community as a war criminal, can not draw attention to themselves. We are talking about the recent auctioning of cowards Adolf Hitler.

the Price and size amaze

as a result, trading white linen pants Hitler, appeared in excellent condition, despite its age (at least 80 years old) found a new owner who has paid for them more than 5.6 thousand euros.

up For auction a well-preserved underwear Fuhrer was, thanks to the stewardship of the Austrian family who owned the once Park hotel in Graz (Styria, Austria). Just here after spending the night in April 1938 (with a 3-rd and 4-th number) in the Suite and left my underpants Hitler.

But struck the participants of the auction for his forgetfulness, and not the accuracy of the Austrian hoteliers, and the size of things. In the waist they were almost a meter, and the length has reached 19 inches (48.26 cm), that is, almost half a meter.

an Irresistible complexes

the organizers of the auction in the comments to lot said that the Fuehrer supposedly disliked crowding, and therefore cowards prefer to wear very long. But, is it simple? According to the scientist from Germany, Sophie Sunderhauf working on a book about the clothes of Hitler, he is so worried about her, even partial nudity, asked his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann to destroy the pictures, which could be seen bare knees.

In turn, Gofman in the book “Hitler was my friend”says that the Fuhrer, ashamed of his worn once Bavarian leather shorts, porpoiseIl photographer to take all pictures where he is in posing them, confuses primarily due to naked knees.

So we can safely assume that Hitler, in an effort to cover your knees, even when wearing underwear, briefs prefer such an incredible length. After all, with his height of 175 cm pants length of about half a meter, just to be below the knee.

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