The January international break is over and top European soccer leagues will resume play this weekend.

Anthony Dabbundo and BJ Cunningham, soccer analysts at Action Network, are here to help you make the best possible bets (video above).

Both are aiming for matches in La Liga with Dabbundo valuing the Osasuna–Sevilla matchup.

Dabbundo states that Sevilla has only scored 0.7 goals per 90 minutes since November began. “It’s the worst La Liga team.”

Dabbundo likes Osasuna’s opponent, Osasuna. It is the fifth-ranked team in Spain’s top flight in total expected goals and third in ball recovery. Dabbundo likes Osasuna +0.25.

Cunningham is keen to see the Villarreal Real Betis fixture. Cunningham claims that Betis is third on the La Liga table owing to its record against the worst teams in the league.

Cunningham says that Betis has only scored 4.3 goals in six matches against seven of the best Spanish teams.

Cunningham backs Villarreal on their draw, no wager line at +110, as Villarreal is ranked second in league for non-penalty anticipated goals per 90 minutes.