Suede Brooks, a popular social networking influencer, issued an apology after sharing a video called pro-Israel amid the ongoing battle in the Middle East.

With this kind of attention on her social networking pages, it did not take long before she was known for reposting the video that discussed the continuing Israeli-Palestinian battle.

In accordance with HITC, the since-deleted movie was a repost from controversial activist Christian Walker who Brooks quickly eliminated. It’s unclear exactly what Walker’s article claimed. However, Brooks felt that the need to post a movie on her Instagram Story and TikTok explaining her actions and listened to anybody she hurt.

“I am coming on here to apologize to the things that I posted on social media recently,” the celebrity began her movie . “It does not reflect me, it does not reflect my faith. What I posted was really ignorant of me and I wasn’t educated on the subject of what’s going on.”

Brooks went on to assure her followers she is going to be exploring and educating herself on anything she shares from here on out, noting that her stage gives her the duty to do this for her own followers.

“I do not stand for violence, I don’t stand for murdering anything and families along these lines. I believe that it’s absolutely awful what is going on and that I sincerely apologize,” she added. “I was not educated and that is something that I take complete responsibility for and it will not happen again and I hope you guys can forgive me.”

She concluded her apology by noting that the only thing she stands for”is serenity.”

“The final thing I’d ever attempt to market would be violence and anything along those lines. I genuinely apologize and it won’t happen again,” she stated.