It has been increasingly difficult to find tech products in this period because of the shortage of microprocessors . A courier thought of it too, and was arrested for selling consoles (PS5 & Nintendo Switch) rather than delivering them . His earnings are estimated to be around PS 23,000. Tokyo police arrested a 50-year old man for selling 200 consoles intended for delivery. After having received more than 3,000,000 yen in stolen consoles and products valued at more than 45,000 euros, the courier pleaded guilty.

The “smart” courier who steals consoles and delivers them instead

What happened? A friend who worked at a shipping company asked for the “thief” courier to deliver about 200 games between PS5, Nintendo Switch, and. This 50-year-old courier was not really a courier. In fact, it was a Mushoku or unemployed man who decided to stop delivering and instead sell more consoles in Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

The fake courier answered that he did it because he was facing financial difficulties when questioned by authorities. The Japanese, who had also earned money from horses, made mockery of him, and lost almost all.

Given that the availability of the PS5 consoles and Nintendo Switch consoles is very low, it is not surprisingthat they were sold, it is easy to make a lot of money from a sale that isn’t possible to find on the used market. .