Buckingham Palace states Prince Philip has been moved to a different London hospital to undergo monitoring and testing to get a preexisting heart disease as he proceeds remedy to an unspecified infection

LONDON — Prince Philip was moved Monday to some technical London hub hospital to undergo monitoring and testing to get a preexisting heart disease as he has been treated for an unspecified disease, Buckingham Palace said.

The palace states Philip”stays comfortable and is responding to therapy but is expected to stay in hospital until at the end of the week”

Philip was declared to the personal King Edward VII’s Hospital in London after feeling sick. Philip’s illness isn’t considered to be linked to COVID-19.

The Bart’s Heart Centre is Europe’s largest specialized cardiovascular centre, the National Health Service stated. The center attempts to do more heart surgery, MRI and CT scans compared to every other agency on earth.

Philip, who retired from imperial responsibilities in 2017, seldom appears in people. Throughout England’s present coronavirus lockdown, Philip, also called the Duke of Edinburgh, was staying in Windsor Castle, west of London, together with the queen.

The queen got four children, eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

In 2011, he had been rushed to a hospital by helicopter after suffering chest pains and has been treated for a blocked coronary artery. In 2017he spent two nights at the hospital and that he had been hospitalized for 10 times in 2018 to get a hip replacement.

Philip was hospitalized in December 2019, spending nights at the King Edward VII’s Hospital for exactly what the palace stated was proposed treatment of a preexisting illness.