Porsha Williams clarified her relationship with Simon Guobadia in Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Family Matters.

After it was revealed that Simon, a reality star of 40 years, was dating Porsha, 32 year old, and was divorcing Falynn Pia, 32 year old, the relationship became a major news story.

Porsha stated that the past couple of months had been a whirlwind in her love life and that her new fiancé only had eyes for them. Porsha stated that their relationship began a few months after Dennis McKinley, her ex-fiancee, was killed.

Simon said that they met after Falynn reached out to Simon in a direct message following the announcement that he was splitting. Simon was married to Falynn since two years. He filed for divorce in January 2021. Porsha contacted him via social media to ask how he was doing.

Simon said, “The rest of it’s history.”

Porsha stated that their relationship was blissful but that social media has made things difficult for them. After posting a photo of her at a Mother’s Day party, she said that social media was not kind to her.

Porsha confessed in confession that she didn’t know the timeline was so mind-f***ing for the public.

Londie, Porsha’s cousin, said that social media was suggesting that Porsha is a ‘husband-snatcher’. Porsha claimed that Simon was in the final stages of his divorce from Falynn at the time she announced their engagement. Simon confessed in a confessional, that they had been waiting for a “stroke of a pen” at the time.

Porsha stated that she believed that a judge would have finalized their separation when she posted the photo announcing their engagement. She stated that she didn’t care about what people thought and that her main goal was to merge their families together.

She said, “I’m going do whatever it takes to ensure that that happens.” “No matter what anyone does to me.

However, Dennis, her ex-finance partner, had reservations.

Dennis said, “This man got married to another woman simultaneously.” “If this isn’t a player I don’t know what to call it.”

The Legendary Ms. Williams premiered with Porsha looking for their Atlanta dream home. Porsha and Simon were looking at Atlanta homes when Simon drove his Rolls-Royce around.

One house in Buckhead was on the market for $2,275,000. The house had seven bedrooms and a game room on the second floor. Porsha explained to the agent that this might work since they have six children between them. Simon suggested that the house might not be suitable for them, and Porsha agreed.

Simon confessed in confession that he had five children and had been married several times. This will be my fourth marriage. He said that co-parenting was not an easy task.

Porsha claimed that her Costa Rican house was a blessing. She stated that the new Atlanta house must have a wow factor.

Simon stated that Porsha was infected and they couldn’t live there as someone had already claimed their territory.

Dennis, Porsha’s ex-fiance, arrived at her home to pick up Pilar, whom Porsha’s 63-year old mother Diane was babysitting.

Dennis was hugged by Diane and she confessed to her that she had a close relationship with him. She stated that she would always consider him her family. She told Simon that Porsha was looking for houses and he asked where she was.

Dennis, dressed in a white t-shirt and a peach jacket, confessed that Porsha was fast.

He said, “Porsha asked for my ring around Christmas.” “Next thing I knew she was engaged again.”

Porsha said to Simon, while house hunting, that she had to inform Dennis that they were moving in with each other. She also invited him to her 40th-birthday party celebrations. Simon was told by her that Dennis had asked her not to invite her on a date.

Dennis also shared with Diane how he was unable to attend Porsha’s party due to not being able to bring a date.

Porsha confessed in a confessional she didn’t want Dennis bringing a random person because he didn’t want to go with her.

Dennis confessed that sometimes people don’t have the same medication they give. He stated that Porsha would be mad if he was with another girl.

Simon explained to Porsha that any other person she invited was permitted to bring a plus one, and that Dennis should be allowed to bring someone if he was being invited.

Porsha said, “He can bring homeboy,” “I feel that he shouldn’t bring a date.

Porsha was thrilled to celebrate her 40th birthday. According to her, her closest circle knew the whole story about Simon, but social media was ‘brutal’ for her. She stated that the night she was at a club was her coming out party with Simon.

Londie, Porsha’s 34-year-old cousin, met Porsha’s younger brother Lauren at the club to help make it ‘Porsha land. Lauren spoke with her about Simon’s love and how he had helped to perpetuate hate online against Porsha.

Lauren said that Porsha must deal with any backlash Simon posts. Lauren suggested that someone talk to Simon about it.

Simon said before the party that ‘as long we can continue to understand, love and respect one another, there is nothing on earth that could stop us from the love we have for one another.

Porsha stated that she liked the message, but was not happy that Simon shared a collage with her of moments. She also wanted to keep secret a photo of her new tattoo, which read Iyore (Simon’s middle name). Diana told her that Dennis liked it already.

Simon also gave Porsha birthday gifts, including a Chanel bag and perfume valued at close to $8,000 before the party. Porsha said that Simon’s posts upset her and caused anxiety.

Diane stated that Simon should stop posting. Porsha began to cry. Diane stated that she could see Simon was happy and assured her it would be okay.

Porsha tried on dresses before the party and took photos in them. Porsha then hopped in a party bus with her friends, which was parked near her house.

Simon and she arrived at the club to find it packed full of everyone they loved. Drew Sidora (36), her friend, came to the club and showed her her ring. She then said, ‘by and large, I’m engaged. Drew met Simon, and he said that it was a pleasure to meet her.

Drew said to Simon, “I’m just happy she’s happy,”

Simon and Porsha began dancing on tables and taking shots. Porsha asked Simon if he would talk to her about his social media posts. He stated that his true feelings shouldn’t be censored. She stated that she didn’t want him posting their first kiss or to get a tattoo. Simon stated that he shared only what they had discussed. He said he only shared what she had already talked about. She stated that she would like to return to the topics they discussed regarding social media. He confessed that he didn’t care about social media, but would honor Porsha’s wishes.

Porsha said to him, “I love you,”

Porsha and Simon met for a date the next day. In a confessional, she said that Simon allowed her to be herself.

Porsha asked him whether he had ever cheated, and he replied that he had not in his previous relationships. She spoke to Dennis about Dennis, and she said that Dennis and her should have a conversation at one point.

Simon confessed in confession that he was Nigerian and that taking care of his children was the best thing. He also said that he understood the importance to talk to Dennis about Porsha’s coparenting.

Porsha’s cousin Londie arrived at her home the next day. Porsha said that she didn’t know her birthday cookout was taking place at her house until all the supplies arrived. Londie explained to Porsha that Dennis was ‘hitting up Lauren’.

Lauren met Dennis across town for lunch. In confessional, he said that Lauren was his little sister. He asked her whether she thought Simon’s engagement to Porsha was cool. He said that if Porsha is happy, then he’s happy. It was in his best interests to support Porsha and their relationship.

Dennis said that Porsha called him on the morning she got engaged, but that he didn’t know that they had been together for more than two weeks. Lauren asked Dennis how long they’d been together and Lauren replied that it was only two weeks.

Lauren asked Dennis, “It’t the money it is?”

Lauren stated, “She has her own money.”

Dennis confessed in confession that he isn’t saying that Porsha traveled with him to get the money. He said that Porsha would not be talking to him if he was broke.

Dennis said to Lauren, “it looks like she took someone’s man that’s how it looks to me.”

Lauren said, “I know it does,”

Lauren was also informed by Dennis that he thought Porsha’s new tattoo was absurd. Dennis and Porsha had both previously received tattoos with their names.

Dennis said, “You all look crazy, I’m just saying.”

Dennis told Lauren that he wouldn’t be coming to the cookout as Porsha wouldn’t allow him to bring a date. Lauren then asked Dennis why Porsha would not allow him to bring a date. He replied, “She still loves me.”

Dennis stated, “If this does not work out, she will be devastated.”

Lauren was told by Dennis that Porsha needed to be ‘cool’ in her new relationship.

Porsha was telling her cousin, “I have no romantic feelings for Dennis,”

Bravo will air The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Family Matters next Sunday.