LeBron James has shattered so many NBA records throughout his career, and we can now add one more to his list, as mentioned in this Thai news website. Whether he goes on to break more records or not, the 37-year old has already etched his name among the basketball greats. He is a regular name whenever the discussion of the greatest NBA player of all time arises, but before that becomes official, there are records he will want to own.

Despite the Los Angeles Lakers’ unpleasant result on Saturday night, LeBron James had plenty to cheer about during his team’s 117-115 defeat to the Golden State Warriors.

James is now the official holder of the record for most points scored in the regular season and playoffs combined in the NBA. He shattered the mark in the second half of Saturday night’s Warriors-Lakers close contest.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has held the record for the longest time.

After Abdul-Jabbar set the record with 44,149 points, James is now on 44,152 for his career. Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan wrap up the top five.

James ranks third all-time in regular-season scoring after Malone and Abdul-Jabbar.

James set the record after draining a three-pointer with a defender in his face. The Lakers hope to turn the tide after losing seven of their last ten games.

Los Angeles is currently 26-29, enough for ninth place in the Western Conference.

He is not showing any signs of slowing down, meaning that he will certainly set more NBA records before calling time on his career, but he’ll need to remain fit and firing for the Lakers.

There were no celebrations as LeBron James reached a huge milestone on Saturday night, in classic LeBron James style. There was no confetti, no unnecessary game stoppage, no high-fives from teammates. The only thing that mattered was the game’s outcome. They needed a win so badly.

However, during the regular season and the playoffs last night, James became the NBA’s all-time top scorer. When he sank a 3-point shot against the Warriors in the third quarter, he passed up Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

LeBron played 1,616 games, approximately 200 less than Abdul-Jabbar between the regular season and the playoffs. Bron spoke about what it meant for him after the game.

Bron spoke about what it meant for him after the Warriors game. “Throughout my career whenever I’ve been linked with some of the greats, I’ve been in awe,” James said.

To beat Kareem for all-time points entering Saturday’s game, James needed just 19 points. Combining the NBA regular season and the playoffs, he scored 44,149 points, giving him a lifetime total of 44,149 points. Sadly for the Lakers, those 26 points were not enough to beat the Golden State Warriors.

On the all-time regular-season scoring leaderboard in the NBA, James is still around 1800 points behind Kareem. That is a mark that the Lakers legend will almost certainly shatter next season.

To topple Malone, James only has to play in each of the remaining 25 games this season and average 16.1 points per game. By his standards, that would be pretty achievable, given he has scored at least 25 points in 22 straight games since Dec last year.