An attorney for prominent South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh said that Murdaugh has resigned and will spend time in prison for theft of millions of dollars.

Murdaugh insists that he was not involved in their deaths. He also regrets that his actions may have hindered investigators looking for the killer of his wife Maggie and her son Paul.

He has made it clear that he will try to correct any wrongs – financial or otherwise – that he might have done. He is now accepting that he will be going to prison. He knows that. He is a lawyer,” Dick Harpootlian, Murdaugh attorney, said Friday on ” Good Morning America.”

Murdaugh was accused of taking insurance settlements for his sons, the housekeeper who died over two years ago. According to a lawsuit, Murdaugh was charged with taking more than $4million in this case.

Harpootlian’s Friday goal was to release medical documents that his lawyer claimed show Murdaugh was killed on Sept. 4, on a lonely highway. He had been trying to arrange his death to allow his son to collect $10 million in insurance.

As with many other developments in the case this account ended up in dispute. He was arraigned for insurance fraud along with other charges, 12 days after the shooting. There was no bandage or visible wound on his head.

On Thursday, the man accused of shooting Murdaugh said that he was 1000% certain Murdaugh was not shot. Curtis Smith, also known as “Eddie”, stated a month ago that he wasn’t sure if Murdaugh had been hit while they were attempting to get the gun. Smith claimed that he didn’t know Murdaugh wanted him to die until he met him while on the road. The gun was fired as Smith tried to grab it from his friend.

Friday’s Harpootlian call Smith, a drug dealer who supplied Murdaugh opioids and other drugs that resulted in a crippling addiction, again.

Harpootlian stated that “Eddie Smith is lying, and he has good reasons to lie,”