Saturday was the 67th day that Harris has visited U.S. communities across the southern boundary nor held a news conference about her border-related responsibilities since late March, when President Biden appointed her supervisor of this government’s answer to the migrant catastrophe.

On Saturday, Harris’ GOP critics comprised Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, who responded to recent assertions from Biden-appointed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who”the boundary is closed”

“Quite obviously it is not closed and when anyone believes that, then I have a few watches that I will sell you too,” Lara Trump said Saturday night during an appearance on Fox News'”Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

“It is absurd to inform the American people the boundary is closed. “If you would like to have in here , now’s the time to come.”

After facing criticism for those audiences of migrants piling along the boundary, the Biden government was moving many of these to destinations in different areas of the U.S.,” Trump claimed.

“What happened to all those folks? They did not evaporate into thin air,” she explained, adding later,”They are given bus tickets to be shipped to Anywhere USA. … They’re still coming, it is ridiculous to attempt to claim otherwise.”

The expense of adapting the migrants will be compensated from U.S. taxpayers, she contended.

“Our cash, rather than planning to help our nation and our people, after we have had a dreadful year in America — we all will need to help individuals get back to their feet and begin again.

“Today we’re financing health care for these individuals, the school systems will be overrun in the usa. They’re tailoring programs to those wayward kids.”

Trump voiced sympathy for the migrant kids who have been made to create an arduous trip to the U.S. but also said that the education of American children has been affected by the excess burden of caring for the new arrivals.

Vice President Harris, meanwhile, hasn’t yet announced any special plans for going to the U.S.-Mexico boundary communities however has scheduled visits to Mexico and Guatemala for early June.