An ex-‘Jon & Kate 8’ star claimed that his leg grew by two times

Jon Gosselin was taken to the hospital after being bitten by a snake while he was sleeping.

Former “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star shared this week the “excruciating pain” he felt after being bitten by a brown recluse Spider in his Reading, Pennsylvania home.

Gosselin told The Sun that he was excited for his “first single weekend” of DJing in Philadelphia, when he realized that his leg had doubled in size.

He said that it was “really strange” because he noticed a doubled size on his leg and a large red-colored blister around it.

Gosselin was aware that something was wrong and rushed to the hospital. A doctor told him that he “immediately realized the pain was caused by a brown recluse which is a deadly Spider.”

He said that he told me I was lucky to be here because if this isn’t treated, you could lose limbs or even die from a bacterial disease.

The former reality star is now feeling better after using topical creams and taking antibiotics.

He said, “It’s finally healing. The swelling has improved. The pain is now just where my bite is and not my entire leg.”

He is most well-known for his reality show with Kate Gosselin, his ex-wife and father of eight children. He joked about the spider incident and said that he had never been bitten by a spider in his entire life. Kate is not included in the joke. It hasn’t been my Year, despite all the jokes.

In the summer, Gosselin disclosed that he had split with his longtime girlfriend Colleen Conrad in February.

It was hard. It was a difficult decision. He said that he and I have been together seven years.

According to reports, Conrad and Gosselin tried therapy before they split up. Conrad was reportedly “super supportive” of him when he was positive for COVID-19. Conrad also revealed that she had a single mastectomy during her battle against breast cancer in an emotional Instagram post.