SEATTLE — Cammi Granato, Hockey Hall of Famer, said that she was asked many years ago to write a book on her journey as one of the greatest women’s hockey players of our time.

But she did it on her terms and with a particular audience in mind: children. Granato hopes that the message of “I Can Play Too” will resonate beyond the ice. Granato’s book is based on her own hockey experiences.

Granato stated, “I think this message relates to believing in yourself.” Granato said, “That is more important than the game.” It’s all about perseverance and a passion for something. Because you are different, people may not understand your actions. This is a key message in the book.

Granato presented the book Wednesday alongside the Seattle Kraken, an NHL team for which she is a pro scout. This project is the culmination a long process that began several years ago, when Granato was suggested by a friend to continue writing a book for children based on her hockey experiences.
Granato stated that she had been asked numerous times by literary agents for a book about her struggle to get the chance to play hockey. She also described her journey to become an Olympic gold medalist, and one of two women to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Granato realized that her story could be tailored to children while she was raising her children. Three years ago, while on a camping vacation, Granato decided to pursue the idea.

Granato stated, “If you have little things in your heart that you want to express, then you should do it.” And that’s what I did. It was like, “I’m going to do that.”

As a tribute Granato’s aunt, who died when Granato was a teenager of a heart condition, the main character is called “Mimi”. Michelle is Granato’s middle initial.

It’s a family project. Dom Granato, Granato’s nephew, illustrated the book.

Craig Cunningham founded the All Heart Foundation to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation. Cunningham was a 2016 player who experienced cardiac arrest while playing with the Tucson Roadrunners in the AHL.

“I didn’t want my name attached the character. Granato stated that she wanted Mimi to be her own character based on her experience. Mimi was a character that I felt was distinct from me. My name is not necessary. It doesn’t matter to me. It is not important that my name appears on it. It is important to keep it separate.”

Granato will be releasing the book while also working full-time as a pro scout at the Kraken. Granato said that it was rewarding to see Kraken come to life even though the results have not been great.

“We had been building a team for 2 years, and now we have one. You still do the same type of Scouting, it’s not that everything has changed. Granato stated that you aren’t trying to place an entire team on your team.