Reaction to Wednesday’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision overturning Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, allowing him to be freed from prison

“Mr. “Mr. “District attorneys cannot change it simply because they have political motivation.” Jennifer Bonjean, Cosby appellate attorney, in an interview.

“When you take a look at the outcome, it is clear that the jury reached a verdict after hearing evidence. There was nothing about today’s opinion that detracted from this. “I think that’s important to people like Andrea, and other women who came forward,” Stewart Ryan, the lead prosecutor in this case, stated in an interview.


“This news is shocking. “I know of women this man has drugged and raped unconscious. Shame on this court and this decision.” — Amber Tamblyn (), activist and actor.

“The optics are horrible. However, the message must be clear and simple: that this was a mistake made by prosecutors, an unusual one, and that it is unlikely that it will happen again.” Lisa Banks, #MeToo attorney, in an interview.

“I know young men and women who are afraid to press charges against their rapists and traumatize themselves. I was heartbroken to hear about Cosby’s freedom. This is so sickening. My heart goes out to my sister survivors. “We have work to do.” — Rosanna Arquette, actor on Twitter.

“WHEN will it be possible for women and girls to have better access to sexual assault, sexism and misogyny?” What is the solution? “So discouraged.” –Kathy Griffin, Twitter.

“Told you so on #BillCosby. A court that was so corrupted by social pressure and public opinion, allowed clearly prejudicial evidence and inappropriate witnesses to convict him. Although he may be a bad person, he was railroaded in this case by the mob.” Geraldo Rivera, Twitter.

“To all the women who were sexually assaulted by BillCosby, my heart breaks for you today, and I am furious.” It’s horrible.” – Debra Messing, actor on Twitter.

“All the smoke should point squarely at [the prosecutor’s] office in the #Cosby matter for making that colossal mistake.” – Damien Woody, former NFL player. Twitter.