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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Lawyers fighting sexual assault and harassment allegations against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson face a predicament: Defending their client means working to discredit the claims of 22 women who are more likely to be believed in the #MeToo era. Watson's lawyers tried...
The wrestlers hold each other closer than lovers and smear them with sweat, spittle, and sometimes blood. They huff and puff into their flushed faces, with their mouths open, lungs heaving, and mouths agape. It's difficult to distinguish their fluids from...
Gymnastics derives its name from the ancient Greek word "gymnazein", which means "to exercise naked." This sport is now a favorite of the Olympics. It was created millennia back when young men were training for war in the buff. People have...
Alice Dearing is a thick-headed woman with a thick afro. It's nearly impossible to cover in swimming caps because of its volume. If her hair gets wet, it shrinks. The chlorine? Pool chemicals can cause serious damage that will require a lot...
Tatjana Schoenmaker, South Africa's star swimmer, set the Tokyo Olympics' first ever individual swimming record. Other people also shined. Evgeny Rylov won a double backstroke for Russia. Emma McKeon earned another gold for the Aussie women, while China made a return...
France was barely celebrating when the final buzzer sounded. They didn't find it surprising that the United States beat them again. This may be the most important indicator that other top international teams don't fear the Americans after their three consecutive...
The Blue Jackets' longest-tenured player, a familiar face, is returning to Columbus. Who was the Flyers' new player? Cam Atkinson has fallen in love with Philly's orange-bearded favorite. On Saturday, the Flyers traded Jakub Voracek for Atkinson to the Blue Jackets. This...


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