President Biden’s recent stumble while talking to Black radio hosts has sparked concerns about his communication skills and ability to articulate his thoughts clearly. In a recent article by Michael Shear in The New York Times, it was reported that President Biden had made a comment about being “the first Black woman to serve with a Black president,” which raised eyebrows and drew criticism.

This incident comes at a time when President Biden’s every word is being closely examined, especially after his lackluster performance in the recent debate. As a seasoned politician, Biden has always been known for his fast and sometimes incoherent speech, but as he has aged, his speech patterns have become more erratic and disjointed. This has led to concerns about his ability to communicate effectively with the public and the press.

Even the White House press corps, which has been accused of not being critical enough of the president, are now paying close attention to Biden’s speech patterns and are ready to challenge the narrative put forth by his family and aides. It has been reported that Biden’s aides even helped draft questions for local radio hosts to ask the president in an attempt to control the narrative and avoid any embarrassing moments.

As President Biden continues to navigate the challenges of his presidency, it is clear that his communication skills will be under intense scrutiny. The American public expects their leaders to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, and any missteps in this area could have serious consequences for the Biden administration. It remains to be seen how President Biden will address these concerns and whether he will be able to regain the trust and confidence of the American people.