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Contents page 1 — place there! Page 2 — In case of conflict, a soft must. Usually, the Weaker side of 3 The duration of parkerei is fatal to page 4 — Who goes on foot, always at the...
The chemical group Bayer has apologised to his shareholders for the most recent price losses. "We are very sorry," said the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Werner Wenning to the beginning of the annual General meeting of...
Contents page 1 — "You can talk about the downturn also bring" page 2 — Concerns about an Erosion of the political system in Europe, On a page Donough Kilmurray, head of Goldman Sachs, the Department of investment...
with cash according to a study, cheaper and faster than debit or credit card. So, the average cash payment to the Treasury of about 22 seconds, and cost banks and business owners 24 cents per transaction. The...
The low water levels of the rivers mess up transport chains in Germany. Because of the low water on the Rhine, for example, in the case of gasoline and Diesel to supply shortages increase, causing the prices...
the head of The economic experts, Christoph Schmidt, has criticised the reform plans of the SPD for the welfare state. Especially, the duration of unemployment benefits should be extended for older workers in nearly three years, interferes...
The Cologne-based media group DuMont should, apparently, be broken. The industry service horizon reported, citing sale documents, "with which the DuMont media group and the Goetz partners Corporate Finance GmbH, Munich," I instructed. The company itself wanted...


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Over the upscale Berlin District of Grunewald perched a mysterious fortress, crowned by four white domes: the devil's mountain. The Field Station...