The Department store chain Galeria Kaufhof Department from expanding after the merger with Karstadt jobs. Of 2,600 full-time posts are to be deleted, such as the management of the company announced. The number of employees affected is...
Yusaku Maezawa is wearing a perfectly-fitting shirt, tight Jeans, and Large. "Don't it because, if you are looking for clothes, but nothing fits right because the legs are too short or the arms too thin?" So, it...
A majority of German citizens for an end to tobacco advertising. This was the result of a survey of the General Association of the German insurance industry, which was conducted by the Institute Forsa. Accordingly, 69 percent...
online-party services need to keep in the EU in the future, to new transparency rules. Thus, consumers should be in online trading better protected. A Reform has been decided by the European Parliament. It provides, for example,...
A gang of between 2014 and 2018, large quantities of comparatively low-taxed heating oil from Germany to Poland, where they discolored the fuel and untaxed Diesel sold. Alone the German state arose as a consequence of an...
The Bayer subsidiary, Monsanto has once again suffered a defeat in the legal dispute to the glyphosate-containing weed killer Roundup. A Jury in Oakland, California sentenced the company on Monday to a billion penalty. Monsanto must pay,...
Contents page 1 — is Now back in the hands page 2 — Everything spat a colossal waste of tax money? On a page Peter Altmaier, the acting Federal Minister for economic Affairs, read comes in set of...


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Kharis Yakupov: how Soviet artist became the enemy of the Third Reich

Kharis Yakupov: how Soviet artist became the enemy of the Third...

Tatar artist Haris Yakupov was one of the contenders for the destruction. The Nazis included it in the "Search list", which included people, something does not please the Nazi regime and Hitler personally. But what is a talented artist who never met the führer, could to annoy him?