The Turkish government wants to sell because of the rapid rise in food prices in Turkey cheap fruit and vegetables directly to the population. "The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of agriculture"...
Europe have referred to the economists leading the Competition, the offensive support of the proposed merger of Siemens with the French railway-competitors Alstom, the German and the French government as a concern. In particular, the announcement of...
Contents page 1 — is Now back in the hands page 2 — Everything spat a colossal waste of tax money? On a page Peter Altmaier, the acting Federal Minister for economic Affairs, read comes in set of...
According to the Reports of alleged cases of fraud at the German payment services provider Wirecard has the police in Singapore, the premises of the company searched. The police of the city-state was confirmed. Wirecard announced that...
In the dispute over the Nord Stream gas pipeline 2 has been approved by the EU member States a German-French compromise. The consultation is intended to allow EU diplomats to adopt more stringent requirements without compromising the...
Can't pay for care of needy pensioners, the equity share of a home out of his own pocket, he is entitled to social assistance ("help for care"). For this, he needs to put his entire life savings...
In the publicly funded social housing may be required in real estate company for decades, but not indefinitely to the offer of social housing. The Supreme civil judge of the Federal court of justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe....


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