BER airport – reports on new difficulties when using The ARD-Magazin “contrasts” reported that the opening of the BER is at risk due to the wrong plugs. The airport company is contrary to the allegations. © Photo: Bernd Settnik

In October 2020, the capital airport BER should be opened at last – that would be eight years after the originally scheduled date. However, as the mirror and the daily mirror reports, according to airport chief Engelbert Lütke have Daldrup given that the date is secure. This is clear from internal documents.

Both refer to a written statement Daldrups for the shareholders ‘ meeting of the three state shareholders, i.e. the Federal government and the Länder of Berlin and Brandenburg in April. In it he draws hence the conclusion: “The original opening date in October 2020 can no longer be guaranteed in full.” An airport spokesman said the info radio rbb, the quotes were taken out of context. We are on a good way.

according to The Reports, the reasons for the renewed delay to be technical difficulties, among other things with anchors and cable lines, and with the fire alarm system. The TÜV, the need to remove the fire alarm devices have three of the five fire Central reporting errors classified, writes the daily mirror. By the end of June, the airport company wants to achieve the release. However, in order to keep the planned opening date, should begin a mandatory testing of all safety systems in the course of the same month.

airport chief acknowledges “certain risk”

The competent district administrator Stephan Loge, the the for the ABOUT competent building control office, said in the ARD-Magazin Kontraste sceptical about the opening date in October 2020. Lodge reminded of earlier bursting of the opening dates: “We’ve got a bit of Déjà-vu.” The building control office prevented in 2012, the airport went into operation without being ready.

Since a few weeks there are reports that the date of 2020 would be threatened if there is for certain anchors in the Terminal if no individual admission. The airport company confirmed that for fastening solutions still approvals were missing. District Lodge said: “on a plastic dowel, the setup can fail.” He concluded, “to turn a blind eye”.

Officially, the airport company will hold on to your schedule, reported mirror Online. However, the completion of the BER could move-extension to Terminal 2. The is scheduled for may 2020. New appointment could be the beginning of 2021. In the coming week the Supervisory Board of the airport company is days.

Lütke Daldrup said in the info radio rbb, it was at the time of completion in the time schedule that you have in front of one and a half years. He was confident that the deadline could be met. But as long as not all of the technical equipment on the BER are removed, there is a certain residual risk.

The Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter called for, Lütke Daldrup should explain “fully and honestly, why are these long-known defects are still not resolved”, and why the risks for the completion of the airport “to the Public and to the competent committees up to now have been denied”. Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), had to justify “why his Ministry has weggeguckt”. Hofreiter called for a Plan B from the airport-in-chief. Even the complete reconstruction of the main terminal could not be a taboo.