Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, told NFL Network on Tuesday that among those girls who filed among those 22 suits has dropped her civil case against Watson.

On Friday, two judges ruled that the majority of the plaintiffs suing Watson need to differentiate themselves. The rulings from two hearings Friday insured 13 of the 22 suits filed from Watson, although the lawyers also agreed to launch a 14th name later in the afternoon. Before Friday, just two girls were identified.

Another crisis hearing to ascertain whether the remaining suits should be amended was scheduled for Wednesday at two p.m. CT from the 113th district courtroom. That hearing has been scheduled Tuesday afternoon, until Buzbee delivered out his announcement stating the law firm will dislodge all of the petitions.

As of Tuesday evening, 11 suits were amended and accessible around the Harris County District Clerk’s site.

In his announcement, Buzbee said that his law firm”previously tried to create accessible to Defense Counsel the titles of the plaintiffs suing Deshaun Watson, also planned to do this in due course”

“We had been worried about the protection of those plaintiffs, and requested the Watson staff to consent to a protective arrangement where the identities might be utilised in litigation, but not broadcast on the entire world,” Buzbee’s statement continued.

In a statement , Hardin stated if his law firm asked Buzbee”to identify his customers weeks past, he refused and advised us to submit a movement.”

“While I know that anonymity frequently is used as a defense for sufferers, Mr. Buzbee is utilizing it as a sword,” Hardin said in a statement on Thursday. “While protecting his customers from public scrutiny, Mr. Buzbee proceeds to utilize their anonymous allegations to ruin Mr. Watson. This is not really perfect. And we look forward to solving these issues in court”

Hardin confessed during a press conference on Friday there were a few”patriotic experiences” between Watson and a few of the 22 women who’ve filed suits against himbut he said at no stage did Watson participate in any actions which were not”mutually desirable.”

“Were there occasionally consensual experiences?

When asked to explain his remarks about Watson participate in sexual acts with a few of the girls who have filed suits against himHardin responded,”In a few of those massages there is likely to be no wonder.

In his announcement on Tuesday, Buzbee explained that although Watson”might now assert he’d agree to do that which he did” to those girls,”in their heads he did not have approval.”