Rumours about Shane McMahon are swirling, after it was revealed that he apparently got heat backstage at St. Louis’ Royal Rumble.

Ringside News reported that McMahon (the 52-year-old son and CEO of WWE) was “quietly fired” by the company for causing problems at the Royal Rumble.

He was supposed to attend the Elimination Chamber event of WWE in Saudi Arabia. However, those plans were scrapped.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp stated that the news was “likely true.”

He was a producer for the Royal Rumble but he did help put together the match, something he has done in the past. He was involved in many changes in a match that was already changing rapidly,” Sapp tweeted.

Long-time wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer said Shane McMahon was “out of company” following a “lot heat” — the term for backlash in wrestling — regarding his booking role during the battle royal. His contract has been terminated, or he may be going on hiatus.

McMahon was out of WWE for approximately a year before he entered at No. 28 was a surprise entry in Saturday’s Rumble.

According to reports, he was on a part time talent contract and not being an executive. His sister Stephanie McMahon and her husband Paul Levesque (Triple H), hold executive positions.
You have to be able to look at any WWE story as it is and not lose your mind.