The centre Workers of the youth centre, Under The Tower, they shared Wednesday night, forced a call on Facebook after she is, for the fourth time in a row to have them stolen by a burglar. “Please Help us, finally, to the villain, to grasp that we now have already several times visited them.”

on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the thief will return around 2: 30 am. According to the president, Jonas Thielemans has made the cracks in the roof of the house, and crawled in on the way to the inside. “It’s good to be prepared,” he said. “The perpetrator of a saw to the wooden beams of the roof to see it.”

as a result of the break-in, said that the organization last night, a message on Facebook. “Last night it was there again, as soon as our youth clubs. It turned out the treasure it is about 100 euros in coins-of course. The ogre has quite a bit of damage. That’s why we have an appeal for witnesses. In the night from 24th to 25th september at around 3 pm something suspicious is noticed on the ODT, or at the Castle? Please get in contact with us, and help us to finally get to the villain, to grasp, that we now already have, a few times there.”