Yakov Dzhugashvili: how to really Stalin's son was captured

Another 22/12/19 Yakov Dzhugashvili: how to really Stalin’s son was captured

the Fate of the eldest son of Joseph Stalin — Yakov still shrouded in mystery. According to the most widespread version, he was captured in July 1941 in Belarus and died in a German concentration camp in 1943. However, there is still no consensus as to the circumstances of his capture and the reasons that led the son of “great leader” to death.

no way out

At the initial stage of the war the Wehrmacht rapidly advanced into the Soviet Union. In the first half of July, the Nazis raided the Vitebsk, taking in the surroundings of three of our army. As part of one of them was the 14-th howitzer artillery regiment of the 14th Panzer division. There was battery commander senior Lieutenant Yakov Dzhugashvili.

the Division suffered heavy losses. Divisional commander Vasilyev decided in whatever was to break through to her. In the night from 16 to 17 July, the division was able to break out of encirclement, but Stalin’s son among the broken was not. According to the official version, he went missing July 16 from the city Liozno. Look for Jacob ceased after nine days.

There are several interpretations of the circumstances of the incident. One of the soldiers breaks from the environment along with Dzhugashvili, said that the Lieutenant voluntarily surrendered to the Germans. According to the soldier, Jacob ordered him to move forward, and he sat down to rest. More soldiers to their commander not seen. Daughter of “great leader” Svetlana Alliluyeva later recalled that his father admitted that his elder son could smalodushnichal, blaming all the wife of James Julius.

In the interpretation of the events of those days are discovered inconsistencies contained in the interrogation of the senior Lieutenant Dzhugashvili. In the record of July 18, Jacob argued that the prisoner took it by force, seizing, when he broke away from his unit after a RAID by enemy aircraft. However, in the interrogation Protocol of 19 July, it said the opposite: that the United JugalWillie, seeing the futility of resistance, surrendered voluntarily.

There is also a version that Jacob, knowing his origin, handed over to the Germans intentionally. Allegedly wanted to avenge his powerful father for their own troubles.

I am the son of Stalin

As the Germans learned in Jacob son of “great leader”? Military journalist Ivan Stadnyuk described this scene. The Nazis built the prisoners in several ranks and later brought a wounded soldier. He carefully examined all the prisoners, stopped at a low officer with epaulets of the Lieutenant and pointed a finger at him.

Then Jacob came Germans who accompanied the man without insignia and inquired whether the son of Stalin. Dzhugashvili answered in the affirmative.

Other description identification of James gives Sergo Beria, in his book “My father, Lavrenty Beria.” According to him, the Nazis found the “high” of the prisoner by accident. Supposedly the son of “great leader” learned brother-and rushed to him, simultaneously calling out his name. Next was the informant of the Germans. He reported everything to the command.

a Failed exchange

the camps Jacob wandered about for nearly two years. First he was sent to Hammelburg, and then in lübeck, and his last destination was the Sachsenhausen. According to some, the Germans tried to persuade him to cooperate, he resorted to threats, but to break the will of the son of “great leader” could not. According to the memoirs of Marshal Georgy Zhukov, Stalin once said that his son kept in the camp in isolation from other prisoners.

One of the most common version says that the Germans after the defeat at Stalingrad offered to exchange Yakov for field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, to which Stalin responded with the famous “I am a soldier in field Marshal’s not me”.

In reality, the leader of that phrase is not uttered. Svetlana Alliluyeva recalled that proposals from the Germans to exchange Yakov “in one of his” really was, but dad said “no”. The phrase is about the field Marshal had appeared in one of the English Newspapers our best effortss there hacks.

the Mystery of the death

According to the official, while walking in the camp Sachsenhausen 14 April 1943, Jacob threw himself on the barbed wire under tension, whereupon the sentry shot him. Medical examination showed that death was caused by being hit by a bullet in the head, not from the electric discharge. The body of the son of “great leader” was cremated and the ashes sent to Berlin.

There are those who believe that the death of Jacob came from the shock. So, the journalist T. Drambyan sure senior Lieutenant Dzhugashvili thus committed suicide, and the reason alleged was his “prolonged depression”.

a Rather exotic version of the results guarding Sachsenhausen corporal Fisher. According to him, James kept in one barrack with the English officers, among whom were Thomas Cushing – a relative of Winston Churchill. The Germans, wanting to destroy the Union of great Britain and the Soviet Union, provoked the British to the murder of the son of Stalin. Officer prisoners night attacked Jacob with a knife, he jumped out of the barracks and a cry for help ran to the fence, where he was overtaken and bullet time.

Other testimony after the war

the commandant of the concentration camp Lagerdorf — Lieutenant Selinger stated that the senior Lieutenant Dzhugashvili last days of his life was in his camp. And he died from some serious illness.

Some researchers do not exclude that James was released from prison by the allies and taken to one of the Western countries. According to another version, Dzhugashvili escaped from a concentration camp, and then appeared in the ranks of the Italian partisans. There, he allegedly quickly settled, and then married a local girl, determined to break completely with the past.

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