Nature conservation with little-noticed plants: In the “Natural shrubs” campaign of the Berlin branch of the Nature Conservation Union (Nabu), more than 500 shrubs have so far been planted by recreational gardeners and other people. The goal of the campaign is 1000 bushes. Shrubs, said the Nabu press officer Alexandra Rigos, “are literally in the shadow of their big siblings, the trees, and are usually only noticed when they are a nuisance.

Shrubs fulfill important functions for the climate, urban nature and for people: They provide shade, serve as privacy screens, protect soil from erosion and are habitats for birds, insects and small mammals.” According to Nabu, the campaign aims to promote the image of shrubs improve, sensitize gardeners, authorities and landowners to natural shrub care “and upgrade Berlin with 1000 new shrubs”.

Shrubs are usually only noticed when they are a nuisance. As part of “maintenance measures” they would often be mutilated or completely cleared.

[If you want to have all the breaking news live on your phone, we recommend our app, which you can download here for Apple and Android devices.]The Nabu would like more hobby gardeners and other people to plant shrubs and shrub them under Report with photo, planting location, type and date.

For children, youth, nature conservation and other social projects, the Nabu provides bushes free of charge or for a small donation.

The 500th bush has been planted in the garden of the Nabu children’s group in Pankow. The area is in the area of ​​an allotment garden.