Why you need a double test for the coronavirus and where to do it

the Unpredictability of the flow of coronavirus infection causes issues in many people. Nobody knows how will be affected in each case — in the form of light or with complications.

Analysis COVID-19 and antibodies

to assess the likelihood of severe COVID-19, scientists from China suggest doing two tests at the same time: test COVID-19 and analysis of “early” antibodies (IgM).

Patients who have tested positive for the presence of virus and negative test for antibodies, have a high probability of severe disease.

In another case, when both results are positive (COVID-19 and antibody), the disease is mild.


Another factor that shows the risk of complications at COVID-19 — high level of blood sugar.

Patients with diabetes suffer heavier COVID-19. However, in the category of risk are people with elevated glucose levels, including those who have diabetes have not been diagnosed.

to find out your figure of glucose, enough to pass the biochemical analysis of blood (BHA).

TSNMT together with the Laboratory of icbfm SB RAS conducts a comprehensive test for coronavirus infection:

a swab from the nasopharynx on RNA research; the venous blood at early and late antibodies (IgM, IgG);

Additionally, one blood sample you can pass the biochemical analysis (BHA) to obtain information about glucose levels and other indicators of the state of your health (there is a special price of 900 rubles instead of 1125 rubles).*

In the delivery of complex testing you receive advice of a General practitioner as a gift.

for details check with the clinic administrators by phone +7 (383) 363-01-83. The deadline for the completion of the analyses — 2 of the day. The term of the action with 16.07.2020 until 31.12.2020.

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