Why weapons of meteorite iron is so expensive

Weapons 15/01/20 Why weapons of meteorite iron is so expensive

Meteoric iron – the first black metal that have learned to treat a mankind. Today the products of “heavenly metal” are not cheaper than a Millennium ago.

the history of the “meteor” weapons

“Heavenly stones” people began to find in antiquity. According to archaeologists, the product of meteorite iron are the earliest examples of steel products. Geographically, they come from different parts of the Middle East, the birthplace of the first civilization. The oldest artifacts of this kind belong to the V-II Millennium BC to Recognize meteoric iron can be impurities of Nickel, which typically is about 5%. Of course, the new industry could emerge if people have not learned to handle more of the low-melting non-ferrous metals.
According to the researchers, Vladimir Zavyalova and Natalya Terekhova, the most ancient piece of meteorite iron can be considered a so-called beads-PRONASCI found in the burial ground Herzen (Northern Egypt) – they were made in 3200 BC In the form of these decorations are the rolled up into a tube plate of metal with a length of 1.5 cm the Technology of their production was similar to that which the ancient masters used when working with gold and copper.
Along with ornaments and tools from the “heavenly metal” used to make weapons. For example, according to one version, the meteorite origin of the iron blade of a dagger found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. However, the Nickel content in this sample is lower than in most other finds only 2.8%. Therefore, some scientists doubt that this is meteoric iron.
At the beginning of the I Millennium BC a meteor products has reached Eastern Europe. For example, in Kalmykia, Kurgan Bickin Buluk belonging to the Scythian-Sarmatian era, Sovetsks, archaeologists found the leaf-shaped spearhead is clearly a “cosmic” origin.
In the days of the pharaohs and of the Scythian kings iron weapons could afford only very wealthy people. Today, these finds are priceless Museum pieces.

the Meteor weapons in our days

Meteoric iron retains some value to armorers and is currently. The properties of this metal compared to carbon steel. In addition, modern masters are able to use pieces of a meteorite of any size, not just small pieces, like blacksmiths of old. However, products made of meteoric iron are valued for their qualities, but because of the rarity of the material.
In 1814, the Russian Emperor Alexander I to commemorate the victory over Napoleon gave “meteor” a sword. It was made in the workshop of John Prosser street Charing Cross in London, presumably by cold forging. This saber was never used in battle, currently it is kept in the state Hermitage collection.
Another sample of cold weapons of meteorite iron were created in this century. Material for the katana “Sword of heaven” was a fragment from a giant meteorite Gibeon. This “space visitor” weighing 26 tons fell to Earth half a million years ago and was discovered in Namibia in 1836. A katana forged Japanese master Esinde of Yoshihara.
And in 2016 the American arms company Cabot Guns has released a few “meteor” copies of the legendary colt 1911. The guns received the name of Big Bang set (the”Big Bang”). Every detail is actually carved from a 30-pound piece of the same meteorite Gibeon with the help of modern machines. The colts have on their surface a specific pattern – Widmanstatten structure which cannot be obtained under terrestrial conditions. The weapon was offered for sale at the “astronomical” price of $ 4.5 million.
Note that the “meteor” weapons, there are critics. So, more knives andz “heavenly iron”, despite the enormous market price, according to sceptics, are unsuitable for use because they are too soft. Therefore, the famous arms companies prefer to make meteorite blades and handles of knives.

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