Why the people of European countries believe the Second world win USA

History 10/01/20 Why the people of Europe believe that world war II was won USA

History is a science serving politics. This often leads to distortions in the interpretation of events. According to polls, 50% of Europeans are convinced that the World II the United States won, 22% from UK and only 14% are aware of the role of the USSR in the destruction of fascism.

the Neighbors – distort as I can

In Russia, as the successor of the Soviet Union still remained the most accurate representation of the history of those terrible years. But Belarusian history is taught already in a truncated version, with an emphasis on the partisan movement and on the fact that this country has killed the most civilians.

In the schools of Poland, the history of war is taught as the story of the battle of the two dictators – Hitler and Stalin. Saying that Poland invaded Germany first. and then the Soviet Union. Teachers focus on the atrocities of the UPA* and the shooting of the officers in Katyn.

In Estonia is still difficult to hide an awl in a bag – too many people studied in the Soviet schools. But the Day of liberation of Tallinn on 22 September is now celebrated as the Day of resistance of the Soviet Union, and taught that on this day the Soviet Union occupied the state.

According to historian Vladimir Frankfurt in Latvia the situation is similar: textbooks tell how bravely fought with Soviet soldiers conscripted by Hitler’s Latvian SS, and about the Nuremberg trials said that “it was highly politicized, especially because it was influenced by the Stalinist Soviet Union”.

In the history of Moldova is written that Romania fought on Hitler’s side with “good” purpose – to return Bessarabia, which was ceded to the Soviet Union by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and then moved to the side of the coalition. In the books many errors, emphasis is placed on the maps of military operations, but large distortion is not.

“Allies” want to forget the USSR

But in another way things are in the camp of the allies at that time. There entered according to the precepts of Hitler, who pisal in Mein Kampf: “I don’t want the story crammed, I want her brought up,” and altered it all.

In some textbooks of the United States, are taught that Hitler conquered America. Students believe that American Marines captured Hitler’s mountain bunker “eagle’s nest”, where destroyed. Because Americans can’t show the public the remains of the dictator, the American journalists seek him in Brazil, in Bolivia.

But many know the truth. For example, actor and Director Clint Eastwood put in his film “Train to Paris” episode where the main characters go on a tour of Berlin, and German the guide is telling about the Soviet Union and shows the place where the body was burnt Hitler.

About the bombing of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, students are described as retaliation for the attack on pearl Harbor.

the Historian Stanislav Kulchytsky indicates that in the Western schools the turning point of the battle is called the rout of Rommel in Africa, and focus on lend-lease.

In the textbook Modern World History (California Edition) said about the Soviet Union that the country was not ready to attack the Nazis, the troops were not upgraded, and if not for the Russian winter, the Russian had to be bad. However, this tutorial does not say that the US won, but it is written that “the war ended”.

According to a survey by the Washington Post, the average American believes that the Soviet Union in World war II acted only “as a wizard”.

About the same thing, but with a focus on the actions of the military forces of the United Kingdom, taught in Albion. They teach that victory in World war II – the merit of this country. According to ITAR-TASS since 2007, secondary school textbooks were withdrawn a mention of Joseph Stalin, as the leader of one of the three countries Sotnikov, about Adolf Hitler and… Winston Churchill!

the British Government explained this action by the fact that “it is necessary to keep up with the XXI century”.

the Historian Holger Nehring indicates that English textbooks focused nand the European theater of war, they deny the leading role of the USA and especially the USSR.

Losers don’t want to remember the shame

In Italy children are taught that we won the UK and the US. Basically, the allies fought a courageous Italians. The leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox community Oles Gorodetsky has pointed out in interviews that the books are not mentioned nor the German generals, or Soviet.

In Japan, the theme of war try to avoid at all costs. Students know that the war was, that on one side fought the US, British, and Russian, and the second – Germany, Romania and Italy. Japan was an ally of Germany. Touching talking about how Osaka from hunger has died elephants, but try not to touch the topic of the Nanjing massacre, when Japanese soldiers slaughtered 300,000 Chinese. Themselves Japanese teachers recognize that students do not know the history of the XX century. The role of the US as the country of the winner is particularly emphasised.

In Germany the role the Soviet Union wished to downplay. Russian immigrants, whose children are studying in German schools, they say that in books there is such a thing as Siegermächte – country winners, which include the USSR, USA and UK. The same sounds from the TV. About the war in the schools say succinctly, without emotion. Mention the theory of the superiority of one race over all, almost not talking about the death camps and the atrocities of the SS. In the heads of young people lay the idea that everything would be fine if not for the war with the Soviet Union.

what about other countries?

In Israel honors the victims of the Holocaust, but almost never know about the heroism of Soviet soldiers. There is also of the opinion that the war was won by the coalition countries. The Deputy from the Likud party Abraham Nagosa recognizes that Israeli students should know about the heroism of Jewish soldiers who fought in the red army.

In India, people think that the greatest contribution to the victory over the Nazis brought the United States.

African countries on whose territories were fighting: Algeria, Egypt or Morocco, whose volunteers took part in the releaseand Europe, too, teach children that the winner in World war II was the United States.

And only in China taught in schools that a huge role in this was played in the USSR and honor the memory of Soviet heroes.

*- an organization banned in Russia

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