Why the German women were forbidden to serve in the Waffen SS

Another 21/12/19 Why the German women were forbidden to serve in the Waffen SS

йKinder, Küche, Kirche slogan, known in Germany since the time of Emperor Wilhelm II, and widely used during the Third Reich. Indeed, even the Führer believed that the main task of this Aryan women — children, kitchen and Church, so the social initiative of Germany at that time was directed to a certain isolation of women against militarism and politics. This applies, in particular, the army and powerful structures such as the SS.

it was in the reproductive politics of the Nazis. By and large, the woman as an individual was not considered at all — it was only the expectant mother for “real Aryans”. The mother should be healthy, ideologically pure and focused on the slogan “K-K-K”. Military service, and even more serious training in the structures of the SS (being the activity) does not match the direction of such a policy, so the SS women simply did not take. They even limited the sale of tobacco, because the future mother needs to monitor their health. A detailed study of this issue conducted by George D. Smith in his “life, health and politics in the Third Reich”.

Women could not be members of SS, but there were many exceptions. It should be noted that the formal side of the issue, nevertheless, respected ladies were not in the SS, and numerous support services. In fact they were not even soldiers, although they could perform quite a typical men’s tasks. Of course, everyone knows about the infamous matron Irma Reveries, nicknamed the “Blond devil,” for his crimes sentenced to Belenska the process to death. Formally, it (and many other “Valkyrie Reich”) a member of the SS was not, and belonged to SS-krishantering — supporting service. She is, of course, the process does not help.

About by mid-1944, domestic policy and ideology of the Reich began to crumble, the Fuhrer was not to thoughts of the future Aryans, so women already worked hard and served in the army. Did not call them, but encouraged the membership because the collapse was felt more clearly every bayonet was at a premium. By the end of 1944 women have naturally looked at the Volkssturm, and reproductive politics, no one remembered.

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