Why supertanki Hitler destroyed the Third Reich

Weapons 30/12/19 Why supertanki Hitler ruined the Third Reich

Adolf Hitler dreamed of a wunderwaffe wonder weapon. He sent expeditions to Tibet, spared no money to develop. And if rocket V Wernher von Braun became really formidable weapons, the “supertanki”, manufactured in Germany for the war on the Eastern front, ruined the German economy with its high cost with questionable effectiveness.

More is not better

Soviet T-34-76 and KV made of the Germans a lasting impression armor and firepower. The search began for an adequate response. Contrary to the opinion of the high-tech industry in Germany, effective engineering solutions was not a fad of the Nazi tank builders and they went by increasing the thickness of armor and caliber of the gun. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the weight of the tank and reduce its maneuverability.

the Most popular German medium tank of WWII — Pz.IV, produced from 1936 to 1945, cost was in Reichsmarks or 115 962 245 840 rubles. In 1942 on the battlefield, there is a heavy PzKpfw VI Ausf. H1 “Tiger”. It was first used near Leningrad. “Tiger” quite successfully fought against the Soviet light and medium tanks, and became the favorite car of the Wehrmacht and the SS. It was produced in 1944 year and in that time was made of 1354 units. Worth one “Tiger” 260 000 Reichsmarks or 546 000 rubles at the exchange rate 1 REICHSMARK=2.12 ruble. Next, “Tiger-2”, launched in 1944, the year he had already cost 321 000 Reichsmarks or 680 520 rubles. Found information that the production of “Tiger” at a cost of 800,000 Reichsmarks or 1 696 000. That is, the German tank forces bought the tank almost four times below cost, which ultimately undermined the financial state of the industry.

In 1942, debuted one representative of the Nazi menagerie, the tank “Panther”. He pulled on 130 000 Reichsmarks or 286 000 rubles.

there was another self-propelled gun “elephant”, better known as “Ferdinand” — it was “Tiger” with enhanced armor up to 200 mm and 88-mm anti-aircraft gun. Machine weight is critical increased (65 MT), and she often could not move, if the soil is bare was muddy. Often flew clutches, denied the transmission. Premiere of “Ferdinand” was held at the Kursk bulge, where ACS destroy any Soviet armor. But she was very vulnerable to anti-tank infantry because of the lack of a machine gun. The surviving 48 cars out of a total of 90 pieces has been upgraded and transferred to Italy. Here in off-road conditions and a lack of spare parts things got really bad. The crew left all the machines without any fight, pre-crippling them.

the Question of dealing with all this bronzerider was settled in 1944 with the advent of RRKA is-2 and T-34-85, as well as self-propelled guns ISU-122 and SU-85. However, field artillery in the form of a gun ZIS-5 also took the armor all of the German cars, is that the “Ferdinand” in a forehead did not break.

reducing cost production

Soviet industry was aimed at reducing the cost of production. So, the Kharkiv locomotive plant produced light BT-2 for 93 313 rubles apiece in 1932 and already 76 192 — next. The t-26 cost 61 400 rubles.

On average the T-34 price fell on the eyes. The tank was produced in several companies, and each production was cheaper without loss of performance characteristics. T-34 (Zavod No. 183): 1939 — 596 373 rubles; 1941 — 249 256 rubles; 1944 — 140 996; 1945 — 136 380 rubles. “Red Sormovo” supplied T-34 at a price of 209 700 in 1942, 174 900 in 1944 and 173 000 in 1945. Omsk offered for 312 700 in 1942; 177 800 in 1944, and 171 000 in the victorious 1945. Heavy tank KV-1 only for the year fell by more than 50 000, to 246 000 in 1943. is-2 cost 347 900 rubles in 1943 and 230 000 in 1945. For self-propelled guns were harActerna the same trend. That is one “Tiger” was treated like a couple of T-34, is-2 or KV-1 or as a dozen light Soviet tanks, despite the fact that medium and heavy tanks of the red army was winning the “Tiger”, ranging from the middle distance.

Cheap but effective technique allowed the USSR to provide the troops necessary weapons, despite the fact that the Nazis have caused 2569 billion roubles of the damage, accounting for a third of the national wealth of the country. Together, the allies at war spent $767 billion, of which the share of the USSR was 46.5%, writes Nikolai Voznesensky published in 1948 the book “Military economy of the USSR during Patriotic war”. Ascension 11 years was the head of Gosplan (1938-1949). But the German economy is the high cost of armaments has undermined.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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