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Immediately after the Second World war a lot of fuss about the picture of a young woman in the bath. The reason was not the sincerity of the picture, he is quite modest nudity of the model is hidden behind the high rim of the tub. Case and not in excessive luxury environment contrastirovania with ruins, in which Europe lay after the war, in pictures – the most common bathroom bourgeois German flats. It is not even in the model Lee Miller (so called mother) actually had a slightly scandalous reputation participating in candid photo shoots in the Nude. The case of the landlord, which was the bathroom.

the Apartment is located at the address: Munich, Prinzregentenplatz, 16, belonged to Adolf Hitler.

the story of the pictures series “In the bathtub of Hitler”

American troops entered Munich on 30 April 1945, the very day when Hitler committed suicide in Berlin. Shortly before the allied forces had liberated the Dachau concentration camp. Munich, subjected to many days of bombing, was destroyed. As written by eyewitnesses, 90% of the buildings in the historic city centre was turned into Smoking ruins. Any resistance to the Americans is not met. Together with the army in Munich, entered and two U.S. photographer: Lee Miller and David Sherman. Lee worked for the magazine “Vogue”, David – for Life.

the Military posted in the town hall, turned into a barracks. Journalists were not liable for military service, and therefore decided to look for housing in the city. Just before the occupation of Munich they visited Dachau, and it is not surprising that both wanted to relax and recover from what they saw in the death camp.

As he recalled years later, the Sherman, they found some old guy on the street, gave him a cigarette and asked me to show them Munich. When he reached the house 16 on Prinzregentenplatz, the old man told reporters that in this house the apartment is Hitler. The couple immediately rushed there and settled in an apartment on vacation. Exactly the same day, 30 April 1945, and the photo was taken If bathing in the bath of Hitler.

Lee and David later claimed that they were all the same, “where to wash off the dirt of Dachau.” It may be so. However, in the composition of the well-known photograph is clearly visible the hand of a professional, who cares about how to fill the subject meaningful details.

in Front of the bathroom standing army boots, covered in mud, “mud Dachau.” Right on the table – a statuette of a naked woman, because, as you know, the Fuhrer liked to surround himself with books and art objects, strongly demonstrating how he is an educated man and an aesthete. And on the left, on the edge of the bath, in the same row with a bottle of shampoo and soap holders – a portrait of Adolf Hitler, of course, brought here specifically for this photo shoot. Bather, thus, is sandwiched between the beauty and the horrors of war, nudity and vulnerability contrast with the “machine of death”. A special focus of these symbols gives emphasized domestic interior.

There are pictures of bathing David. There are other photos taken in the three days that the couple lived in an apartment on Prinzregentenplatz, was asleep in bed with Hitler, eating at the table Hitler was sitting on the sofas and armchairs of Hitler. But the most famous was the bathing Lee Miller.

the Munich apartment Hitler

Reporters found the apartment absolutely free, working with electricity, plumbing, sewage. The furniture stayed in place, the property was taken out not all. There were even linen napkins with embroidered initial – “an”. The apartment looked well-off, but not the most luxurious. The impressions Miller, the housing could have any family of moderate means.

In the apartment, the führer lived from 1929 to 1933. When he became Chancellor, he left these apartments after themselves and stayed here whenever visited Munich.

In the apartment there were 9 rooms, 4 service rooms – kitchens and closets, and 2 bathrooms. Interior design was made by famous Third Reich artist gurdy Troost.

It was the residence of Hitler in Munich, marked by two events, one of which has global significance, the other is of a private nature, and would never have become known to the General public if not behind him loomed the shadow of the Fuhrer.

the First is visits to Prinzregentenplatz Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the Prime Minister of Italy Benito Mussolini committed in 1938 when they arrived in Munich for the signing of the document known as the “Munich agreement”. The details of the conspiracy were discussed within these walls.

the Second suicide Angels Raubal, niece of Hitler. He loved the girl, according to rumor, is not a sister love. In 1929 he settled the angel in this apartment, where she was allocated a room. In 1931, the angel killed himself. Why she did it is anyone’s guess. Assume that eye she got a letter from Eva Braun, and she realized that she was not the only one busy with thoughts of Adolf. Hitler was shocked by the death Angels. He put in her room the sculptural portrait of the niece, and locked the room with a key. Since then, every year, paying tribute to the famous German sentimentality, Hitler the day he died, the Angels had locked herself in her room and was there alone for some time.

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