Why Georgy Burkov believed the KGB was responsible for the death of Vasily Shukshin

History 01/01/20 Why Georgy Burkov believed the KGB was responsible for the death of Vasily Shukshin

In recent years the Director and writer Vasily Shukshin was very friendly with actor George by Surkovym. It Burkov found dead Shukshin. Moreover, the artist knew that Vasily Makarovich didn’t die due to natural causes. The artist claimed that it was a Cup of coffee.

Friends until the last day.

the fact that Georgi Burkov and Shukshin Vasily tied a strong friendship, according to many biographers. The same opinion and the author of the book “Epizodniki”, Sergei Kapkov. According to Kapkov, Burkov and Shukshin talked a lot, discussing cinema, literature, history. Often they were engaged in the same paintings. So, Georgy starred in such films as Shukshin “Stove-shop” and “Kalina Krasnaya”. The main role went to both friends and in the film by Sergei Bondarchuk’s “They fought for the Motherland”. It was during the filming of this drama and ended the life of Vasiliy Makarovich.

As you know, the actors involved in the filming of the said film, lived on the ship “Danube”. On the evening of 1 October 1974, all happily went home. However, according to Alexey Kazakov, the author of “the Role that brought misfortune to its creators”, at about 4 a.m. Burkov, overwhelmed by foreboding, came on deck, where at the same time was and Shukshin. Vasyl Kravchuk complained to a friend on pain in the heart. After that Shukshin drank the medicine and went to him. In the morning Burke found the man without signs of life.

the Involvement of the KGB

Georgy Burkov grieved at the death of Vasily Shukshin. And in this state Burkov was to end his own life. Actor Alexey Vanin, who plays the role of Luba’s brother in the film “Kalina Krasnaya”, recalled that George I. on the evening of memory of Shukshin every time “was drinking himself to death”. As approvedet Fedor Razzakov, author of “the Last days and hours and popular favorites”, with reference to the same theater, it was not only in grief, no doubt, felt Burkov, and that he knew what really happened that night on the boat.

Burke was convinced of the involvement of the KGB to the sudden death of Shukshin. At least such conclusion can be drawn from the story of artist Alexander Pankratov-Black, is given in the publication “Alexander Galich. Full biography” of Michael Aronov. One day, being at home Shukshin, Pankratov-Cherny suggested that the Director did not die a natural death. After that Alexander was assassinated, and Burke asked him to remain silent. “Sasha, when I die, then I can say,” said Georgy.

a Cup of coffee… and silence again

to remain silent Burkov asked the authors of the book “To the origins of Russian spirituality”, Ekaterina Samoilov and Marina Chernosvitova. That evening Georgy went with the events dedicated to the anniversary of the death of Vasily Shukshin, and dropped that, well, he didn’t die of a heart attack, but from the “Cup of coffee”. October 1, 1974, when Burkov Shukshin walked to the cabin, he noticed on the table a Cup of coffee. Vasily Makarovich too was surprised by the surprise, because no drinks ordered. Friends agreed that some well-wishers took care of Shukshin, which, as you know, coffee is respected. However, in the morning, according to Burkova no Cup on the table was not.

However, this conversation with the author of these books was almost the only revelation of George Burkova. He didn’t like to talk about the circumstances of the death of Vasily Shukshin. Aleksei Vanin claimed that many times Burkova invited to recall the last day of life Shukshin. Georgy had always given his consent, but did not appear even once. And once Vanin before the show, I tried to get drunk Burkova in a sense, but he “suffered is” that Alexei Zakharovich, according to his ownthe catches, “it was scary”. However, what they discussed, Georgy Burkov, Vanin did not say.

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