Why did Stalin November 7, 1941 parade held parallel in Kuibyshev

History 09/01/20 Why Stalin November 7, 1941 parade held parallel in Kuibyshev

the fact that at the beginning of the great Patriotic war, on 7 November 1941 red square parade was held, all we know for sure. However, at the same time a similar event took place in Kuibyshev. Most historians call the Kuibyshev parade understudy Moscow. Do the authorities have thought of everything to ensure that even in the case of the RAID, the feast continued.

Why Kuibyshev?

according to Oleg Hlavac, author of the book “Stalin. The life of a leader”, Moscow parade, planned by the Soviet authorities on November 7, 1941, was extremely risky. The fact that on October 29 the Germans dropped on the Kremlin into a bomb which killed 41 people. However, the parade was organized not only in honor of the anniversary of the October revolution. This event was assigned and the foreign mission. No wonder this parade was the first such event at which Stalin delivered a speech.
it is Noteworthy that, according to the Side Vladimir and Lyudmila Antonova, the authors of the book “Moscow the great battle – defense”, 15 October 1941, Moscow was evacuated, the Government, the Supreme Council, the diplomatic missions and other important institutions. Side and Antonov argue that in the case of the fall of Moscow, where he continued to be the Supreme command, the State defense Committee and the General staff of the red army, the new capital was to become the city of Kuibyshev.

How was the parade in Kuibyshev?

It was in Kuibyshev (nowadays Samara) on 7 November 1941 and was organized for the second parade. Kuibyshev parade not received such prominence as Moscow. And all the official persons took part in it, was no less legendary. So, Anatoly Sultanov in his book “Beria. Arrest in the Kremlin: historical chronicle of” otmicet parade-the understudy took the first Marshal Klim Voroshilov. Commanded the event the then Lieutenant-General Maksim Purkayev. In the stands were government officials of the Soviet Union, as well as diplomats from 27 countries and, of course, journalists.
one and a half hours at twenty degrees of frost in front of the spectators headed to more than 20 thousand troops. In the town square was shown and various military equipment. However, of greatest interest are air part of the parade, which was cancelled in Moscow. For a long time it was believed that on that November day over Kuibysheva flew about 600 or 700 aircraft. But in fact, there were only 233. This is evidenced by the certificate of commander of the air force Does in the name of Voroshilov, published in collection of articles “problems of studying military history” edited by A. I. Rainesalo. Just aircraft flew over the city several times.

what is it For?

the Trick with the aircraft and the claims of the scope of the Kuibyshev parade as a whole was due to the role that was to play the event in case of emergency. As writes the edition “the Moscow Kremlin in the years of the great Patriotic war” (Kuchkovo pole, 2010), the parade in Kuibyshev was provided as a stand-in Moscow. In the case of attack by the enemy on Red square parade in the besieged Moscow was canceled, and the radio had to broadcast the parade in “spare” capital. However, due to the fact that the German air RAID did not happen, live happily spent with the red square.
Despite the fact that the “services” of the parade-an understudy is not needed, the event held in Kuibyshev, was of great importance. So, Pyotr Koshevoy, author of “For Leningrad! For Stalingrad! For The Crimea!”, wrote that the Kuibyshev parade made a lasting impression on the military attache. Foreign diplomats excitedly asked representatives of the Soviet command, where they took so much technology. Besides, after the parade at curesEmtsev formed a strong opinion that once the Soviets can afford such a big event, they are confident in their abilities.

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