In addition to gold jewelry and champagne, a number of nose rings and colorful hair are currently shimmering in downtown Westerland. A group of punks have made themselves comfortable on Sylt.

With the introduction of the 9-euro ticket, the traditionally high number of tourists on the island at Pentecost has increased again. However, the approximately 50 to 90 punks who are camping in the pedestrian zone are currently receiving particular attention.

On social media there are photos of people sitting on the floor between backpacks, holding cans of beer or schnapps.

On Sunday morning, the police spoke of a normal operational situation, such as you have on a Saturday night in summer. There were about 20 missions, most of them unspectacular. It was mostly drunk on the street or music that was too loud, and some people in the dunes.

Meanwhile, an interview with two of the punks became a hit online. When asked what drove him here, a man with a pierced lip replies: “Randale. To be honest, chaos days.” He was told that it should “be bigger than Woodstock here.” But he doesn’t want to come back. “It’s not my island.”

In the past few days, there has been a lot of talk about Sylt on social media in the debate about the 9-euro ticket. However, the punks on Sylt were not to blame for the much-discussed overcrowded railways, said the deputy leader of the Greens, Andreas Audretsch, on Twitter.

With five changes you can get from Berlin to Sylt in 7 hours and 37 minutes with local transport and enjoy the sea for only nine euros.

By the way, the interviewed punk hasn’t seen that in the three days he’s been there, as he says.