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Probably for anybody not a secret that Vladimir Vysotsky was indifferent to alcohol. If you believe Boris Kudryavov, the author of the publication “the secret family of Vladimir Vysotsky”, even in a medical book artist was given the diagnosis of chronic alcoholism. However, there were in the life of Vladimir Vysotsky periods when he did not take in his mouth intoxicating beverages.

“hussars cold”

Addicted to alcohol Vladimir Vysotsky was different long before it became famous throughout the Soviet Union. As you know, the School-Studio of MKHAT Vysotsky ended in the summer of 1960. One of the first films newly minted graduate was the film Grigory Nikulin “713-th requested landing”. The film was shot in Leningrad, so Wysocki, who was born and lived in Moscow and had to settle for a hotel comfort. Wife, Isolde Zhukova, was not there, therefore the atmosphere was favorable to a plentiful libations and other activities. But after a few days all of a sudden Vladimir Semenovich, who was then still young and healthy, became a teetotaler.

As told by an anonymous source to the author of the book “Suicide of Vladimir Vysotsky”, Boris Sokolov, was that the bard got it from a random partner with gonorrhea, a venereal disease, which is popularly known as “the hussar with cold”. Alcohol during treatment is of the disease doctors use is not recommended. That is why Vysotsky and refused from alcohol. However, the adventure went very good. Before his theatrical triumph, he had starred in several films. Besides, it was during the filming of the Leningrad Vysotsky met his second wife, Lyudmila Abramova.

the Doctor-hypnotist

Lyudmila Abramova considered the first big victory for the husband’s main role in the play “Life of Galileo”. Premiere of this production at the Taganka theater in the spring of 1966. However, Galileo performed Vysotsky could not be, as the artist continued to abuse alcohol. In November 1965, Vladimir Semenovich was forced to choose between booze or the theater. Despite the fact that an alcoholic bard himself did not recognize, he agreed to go to the hospital. Doctor is still young and not too well-known actor was the psychiatrist Mikhail Buyanov. To avoid breakdowns brawlers personally drove Vysotsky rehearsing.

One day, as he recalled the brawlers, whose words are quoted in the book of Fedor Razzakov “Vladimir Vysotsky: I will certainly be back…”, Vysotsky still managed to get drunk, so the doctor turned to a different method. A psychiatrist using hypnosis was developed from a patient reflex, thanks to which in the presence Buyanova Vysotsky is not pulled to the drink. Even after the patient’s discharge from the hospital, Michael Buyanova were invited to various events where Vysotsky needed sober. However, over time, a similar invitation to go to the doctor stopped. And Vladimir Semenovich drank more than ever.

“Magic” pill

nevertheless, Vysotsky still managed to get a role that eclipsed even Galileo. It was hamlet. At the Taganka theater premiere of the play by William Shakespeare took place in November 1971. The success was tremendous, though, adopted the custom of hamlet not all and not immediately. But at first very few people believed in that of Vladimir Semenovich will really succeed “Prince of Denmark”. At least so says Maria Nemirovsky, author of the book “Vysotsky and Vlady. Through time and distance.” Not only that, the rehearsal was long and painful, so still just then from Vysotsky’s wife left him, and the KGB to the actor brought some thing. In General, unable to withstand the tension, Vladimir Semenovich broke. The treatment lasted about a month, and over the fact that bard has agreed to sew under the skin with a special pill. Due to this, Vysotsky did not drink half a year.

as evidence that the bard really resorted to UEmenotomy above method, we can cite the fact that the artist advised “ulitsa” and Oleg dal. He also suffered from alcoholism. According to Mark Cybulski, the author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky and Oleg Dal”, for both the medical drug came from Paris Marina Vlady. However, the lull was temporary. According to Yuri Sushko in his book “the Last novel of Vladimir Vysotsky”, the first time injection of narcotic substance of Vysotsky made on tour in Gorky. The hangover vanished, but one addiction was replaced by another.

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