When Stalin promised Soviet citizens to end the war with Hitler

History 15/01/20 When Stalin promised Soviet citizens to end the war with Hitler

of the Soviet people, carefully listening to the first speech of Stalin during the great Patriotic war, could give the impression that to defeat the Germans succeed in 1942. However, in the future, “father of Nations” has never talked about the date of the final victory.

Forecasts 1941

When reading the speeches and orders of Stalin period of the war (volume XV modern Russian edition of the collected works of the leader) you can see that from the beginning he encouraged the citizens of the Soviet Union the possibility of quick victory.

In his famous radio address of 3 July 1941, commander in chief promised that Nazi Germany “will be defeated, defeated the armies of Napoleon and Wilhelm”. For victory over the enemy, Stalin called on the people to “turn away” from the “complacency and carelessness”, to mobilize and rebuild “on a war footing”. He also recalled that the Soviet Union could count on the support of allies – the US and the UK.

the Only “specific” forecast of the timing of the victory, “father of Nations” has allowed his speech at the parade on 7 November 1941, when before the eyes of the leader of the soldiers were leaving red square straight to the front. Stalin said that losing 4 and a half million people, the Nazis “facing disaster.”

“there is No doubt that Germany cannot sustain such a strain for long. A few months, six months, maybe a year, and Hitlerite Germany must burst under the weight of their crimes”, – assured the Soviet leader.

Forecasts of 1942

Despite the promises of the leader, in 1942 Germany did not “burst”. But in the celebratory order of 23 February 1942, read all the red army, Stalin re-asserted that “the day is near” when the Soviet Union will be cleared from the invaders. To this end, as Stalin said, it is only necessary to send to the front more military units, and the industry shouldto work “with renewed vigour”.

The “may day” order No. 130 Stalin urged the Red army to “ensure that 1942 was the year of the final defeat of Nazi forces.”

Explaining the November report at the ceremonial meeting of the Moscow Soviet of deputies why the opposite did not happen, Stalin said that Hitler “saved the absence of a second front in Europe.” Thus, the same victory conditions were added to the armed assistance of the allies.

Predictions 1943

After the victory at Stalingrad in February 1943, Stalin declared that “the mass expulsion of the enemy from the Soviet country”. But at the same time, the chief warned the Soviet people from “self-delusion” and overestimating their own forces.

“the Struggle against the German invaders is not yet over, it is only deployed, and flares,” said the leader.

in the Fall of Stalin called 1943 “the year of radical change in the course of the war”. Again, as in 1941, he spoke of the waiting Nazis “disaster”. However, to say anything more specifically the head of the party and state did not dare.

Forecasts, 1944

In early 1944, Stalin again made a reassuring statement:

“Coming hour of final reckoning for all the crimes committed by the Hitlerites on Soviet soil and in the occupied countries of Europe”.

however, Stalin warned that the Germans now fighting “with the fury of the doomed”, and to bring victory can only “has been steadily growing in power and crushing blows”.

in the Spring, the traditional “first order” Stalin said that the entire expulsion of the Germans from Soviet territory is not limited, and the “German beast” should “finish in his own den.” To do this, as noted by the commander-in-chief, is possible only through “combined impact” with the US and the UK.

Summing up the year, on the occasion of the anniversary of the October revolution, Stalin predicted that the United Nations will win the war in the “near future”.

Prognosa 1945

the timing of the end of the war Stalin did not venture to speak even a victorious spring of 1945.

“Our task and our duty to finish off the enemy, to force him to lay down arms and surrender unconditionally, said the leader on the radio on April 27. – This task and this duty to our people and to all freedom-loving peoples Red army will fulfil to the end.”

on may 1, the leader no less cautiously declared that “the days of Nazi Germany are numbered.” Following Stalin’s speech took place on the Victory Day.

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