What will lose the motorists since June 1: find out what you can save up to 50% in the last week of spring

to afford a vacation, a major purchase or education for their children, people often revise your budget and determine which expenses they can cut. Many are forced to cut the expenses on gasoline, and refuse to travel by car, even if it makes their lives less comfortable.

But now motorists have other options to optimize budget. The more so that until 31 may, the “GASOIL” still act 3 stocks that will help every car owner in Novosibirsk to refuel with a benefit and to afford more.

Cheaper than gasoline three times

If you compare gas and gasoline, the first significant difference lies on the surface. Gas is almost 3 times cheaper, which means you save money on fuel and can spend them on other, long-planned purchase.

Compare for yourself. If the car mileage is 100 km/day, the consumption of gasoline a day will be 12 liters. A year is 4380 litres, which even at minimum price of gasoline (average in Novosibirsk is the 41 roubles for AI-92) 179 cost 580 rubles.

With the same mileage on gas the benefits are more than obvious. Will be 14 liters, that is 5110 litres per year. But the fuel is much cheaper — an average of 18 rubles per liter, and therefore, the costs amount to 91 980 rubles.

Saving of 87 600 rubles.

And when you consider that the price of GAS in the network “GASOIL” in Novosibirsk at the time of the release — from 14 roubles, the savings will be more than 100 thousand dollars per year!

the Engine will run longer if you fill up with gas

Gas has a positive effect on engine performance. The fact that it burns slower than gasoline and reduces the load on the motor, so the engine works softer and lasts longer.

gas is a high rate of octane number — 100-110 units, so the detonation does not occur. Due to the high compression ratio increases the engine performance.

Propane-butanova the mixture does not contain harmful impurities in the form of lead, sulphur and combustible substances that are present in gasoline. Therefore, when you use gas instead of gasoline, increases the service life of the engine oil, catalytic Converter and lambda probe and on the pistons, valves and spark plugs do not form carbon deposits and tar.

to Ensure that the gas does not damage the engine, the condition of the exhaust pipe — it’s clean.

Vacation to be: the vehicle’s mileage increases twice

When using LPG the oil burning in the engine is much slower. According to statistics, “GASOIL”, about 15% of customers to install the gas equipment is not to save, and to increase the supply of Autonomous run.

with Only one filling gas increases the mileage of the car twice. Soon leave, and the safest place to go on a journey in his car. Gas is more economical and easier to travel long distances. The network of filling stations “GASOIL” has more than 200 stations in the territory of the SFO, which are located so that way no problems with dressing.

the Good news for those who are committed to responsible consumption. Gas is not only convenient and economical, but also safe for the environment, because fuel does not produce byproducts of combustion.

How to pass the gas under the key