What the NKVD before the war, executed the father of Bandera

History 12/01/20 what the NKVD before the war, executed the father of Bandera

in the Summer of 1941, while the Germans approached Kiev, the Ukrainian security officers in a hurry to mete out punishment over objectionable citizens. July 10, the day before the Wehrmacht reached the suburbs of the capital of Ukraine, in one of the dungeons of the NKVD were shot by a middle-aged priest. It is an ordinary, at first glance, the event had significant political importance – those killed was none other than the father of the leader of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists*, Stepan Bandera.

the Priest with a troubled past

When in 1939, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast came to the Soviet authorities, 57-year-old Andrey Bandera served as a priest of the Uniate Church in the village of Trostyanets. Once he was known as an active politician and a veteran of the Polish-Ukrainian war.

“My father belonged to the organizers of the coup in Kalush district<...> and I was a witness of the formation of them of the villagers of the surrounding villages military departments, the armed tucked away in 1917, weapons, wrote Stepan Bandera in his autobiography. The father was a member of the Parliament of the West Ukrainian people’s Republic – the Ukrainian National Rada in Stanislav and actively participated in the formation of public life in Calamine”.

But the years went by, and eventually Andrei Bandera has focused on religious activities, leaving a political path for his son. The latter, meanwhile, did not forget about my father. In 1940, Bandera was sent to the home of his agent, to hidden paths to guide the priest through the Western border – but he disagreed. Although the Uniates already came under attack by the atheistic critics of open repression against the clergy was not. However, Andrey Bandera didn’t know that following him is not like the priest.

“for the most successful struggle with the OUN* underground in the Western oblasts of the Ukrainian SSR state the split of the OUN-organization in Krakow is the most UDobnam for widespread adoption and submission to our influence Bandera direction as the most reactionary. In this regard, we installed the father of Stepan Bandera – Bandera Andrey Mikhailovich,<...> which you mean to commit to Krakow wire”, wrote in an internal circular the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR, Ivan Serov (cited in the book “Bodies of state security of the USSR in the great Patriotic war”).

“Son of right”

on the night of 23 may 1941 to the house of Andrey Bandera came security officers who took the Minister and two of his daughters (they later ended up in the Gulag). First, the father of the leader of the OUN* was held in Ivano-Frankivsk, then was transferred to Kiev. The investigators of the 3rd Department of the NKVD was charged with the Bandera senior, he hid in the house illegal as suggested by some historians, it could be a hoax. In addition, the priest found the nationalist literature in the Ukrainian language. To the political orientation of the arrested had no doubt, Andrey Bandera directly asked, as it relates to the views of his son. He replied that “the son is right.” The case of Andrei Bandera was considered by the military Tribunal of the Kiev special military district. July 8, Trostianets, the priest was convicted in the 54th, “counter-revolutionary” article of the Criminal code of the Ukrainian SSR. Where he is buried, are still unknown.

Probably the Bandera did not know the truth about the tragic fate of his father. The NKVD circulated a rumor that the priest exiled to Siberia, and the family of Bandera this version is repeated even in the early 1960-ies. For political reasons, Andrey Bandera could not be rehabilitated during the Soviet era. But as soon as Ukraine gained independence, the father of the leader of the OUN* then he remembered the attorney-General. In 1992, she officially rehabilitated Andrei Mikhailovich Bandera for lack of evidence.

Note that many other members of the family of Stepan Bandera also did not die a natural death. Brothers of the leader of the nationalists – Vasily and AlexanderR – died in Auschwitz at the hands of Polish prisoners, “priputnevich” they Volyn massacre and other massacres of poles. Another brother, Bohdan Bandera – many were either killed in battle, or been liquidated by the Gestapo.

* – an organization banned in the Russian Federation.

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