What strange things did the Soviet citizens

History 08/02/20 What strange things did the Soviet citizens

“it was a hot summer, where the Soviet Union, as a planet,” sings in one of his songs A. Chernetsky. The Soviet Union really was a separate planet with its own culture, ideology, established foundations. Many features of Soviet life, such logical, then, can seem at least strange.

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Low crime rate and almost complete absence of household theft is one of the characteristic features of the Soviet Union. Agree, it’s hard today to imagine a woman hanging out freshly laundered linen on the ground outside. Although specialized courts are still there. And then anyone and had no idea that linen can steal or dirty the pure act of hooliganism.

Even in the 1980s, when actively was perestroika and the Soviet Union was breathing its last, rarely lock the door in the apartment. And that is mainly at night. Leaving for work or business, the key is put under the rug or standing next to the door on the landing shoes to spouse or children could easily get home. It was common practice, but to get into a neighbor’s apartment and stay there with money or jewels Soviet man and in a head did not come.

as carefully and envy belonged to the state. Telephone booths have always been the reference and the soda machines were glasses. The latter are sometimes used by local drinkers, but after a drink was returned.

Stable prices

Dollar for 76 cents is not the only manifestation of stability in the USSR. The prices of goods of daily demand have not changed for decades, and everyone from young to old knew exactly how much it costs in the nearest grocery store stick “Moscow” pyramid of milk or a loaf of bread. The same applies to food service establishments, where, as says Andrei Bilzho in his book “Stories about food with the risungami and recipes of the author”, you could always eat sausages with green peas or carrot cakes for a penny.

the Almost complete absence of inflation led to the fact that forgotten between the pages of a book, the ruble and the year remained fully fledged ruble, which could be bought five Beers, from draught machine or 20 rolls, depending on interests.

of Course, one should not idealize the USSR — there were quite a few flaws, but in terms of daily life for the common man, everything was easier than it is now. Life of a Soviet citizen was in General clear and arranged from early childhood. Then, such a predetermination seemed to be a relic of totalitarianism, but today many are aware of all the correctness of this approach to life.

Here’s how said this in one of his interviews, Dmitry Bykov: “the Soviet Union seems to me in many ways, of course, a monstrous system, but in many ways a breakthrough. And it seems to me that the Soviet Union is still ahead of us. If we want to go forward, we have to pass this stage again because we had rolled back”.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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