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the Moscow metro is one of the most beautiful in the world (if not the most beautiful). It is known to all. So we are not surprised at the enthusiasm of foreign tourists, placing in the Moscow underground on a par with such landmarks as the Red square and the Hermitage. However, the architecture of the underground halls is not the only thing that amazes our guests.

They pay attention to things that we ourselves seem to be quite familiar. Reviews published on different Internet resources (especially after the world Cup in 2018), can be divided into three groups.


Everyone, of course, very like the architecture of Moscow subway, especially foreigners admire these palaces were built for the people, at that time, as in most cities in the world, metro is a transport for poor people.

Delights our guests and the cleanliness of the metro stations. Some even use the term “sterile”.

traffic: trains depart every two and a half minutes. If you do not have time for one train, then coming back for another. Many people think it’s something completely unusual.

the Presence of WI-FI. Many say that the metro in their home country that should learn.

a Low fare, the lack of division into zones. Fixed ticket price, regardless of the distance to be overcome, many people think convenient system.

don’t like

Noisy. Really, go train with old wagons, which are a terrible noise and rumbling.

Long passages between stations that give the impression of an underground labyrinth. They even Russians sometimes difficult to understand, not that foreigners, not knowing the language, and do not read Cyrillic.

Very long escalators, which, in the opinion of foreigners, and even moving sometimes too fast. Apparently our guests are afraid of accidents, while a too fast of a moving staircase.

payment plan: many complain, why not, as in many cities of Europe, to use one ticket for land, and for underground transport?

the Lack of toilets. Unaccustomed to this peculiarity of the Moscow metro people sometimes find themselves in a difficult situation.

Some are depressing the abundance of beggars and drunks, and also the sullen faces of the people.

In terms of negative feedback, the subjectivity of many of the views cannot fail to surprise. For example, complaints about crowding and the large number of people during rush hour. Perhaps it is difficult to find a single metropolis in the world where the situation would be different.

Seems strange

In the eyes of foreigners, in the Moscow metro little advertising and almost no underground trade.

Another feature that surprises foreign guests: if you hear the announcement “mind the gap!”, you need as quickly as possible to bounce from the door, because they are really close. Regardless of, there is somebody or something in the door or not.

Many foreigners are amazed by the fact that Orient metro, you can not only hear the text ads, but even the voice of the speaker – male or female. Since the middle of 80-ies at the request of the Society of the blind man’s voice sounds in trains going to the centre of Moscow, a female, on the contrary, if the train goes from downtown to the outskirts. On the circle line, if the train goes clockwise, the ad reads man, if counterclockwise – female.

foreigners never cease to wonder and the fact that in the Moscow metro, people read books, and very many prefer the paper edition.

And finally, the most seems strange and unusual for foreign guests, the behavior of people in the subway. A special string “dangers” of the Moscow subway have identified “old lady” who only look at the type of the old and infirm. Others note a strange feature: stern men with sullen faces, however, give way the elderly and can with this sullen expression to help bring the heavy bag.

Many people are suprised by the fact that in the Moscow metro in addition to frankly poor people can often be found and well-dressed gentlemen in office suits that went under the ground to avoid traffic and quickly get to the right place.

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