What Boris Yeltsin was expelled from the school

Biography 27/01/20 that Boris Yeltsin was expelled from the school

Biography of Boris Yeltsin has a lot of white spots. However, few people know that from school Yeltsin was expelled without the right to further training. And Polytechnic Institute, he graduated a year later than their peers, as was expelled from the third year.

speech at the meeting

Boris Yeltsin was born in 1931 in village Butka of Talitsky district of Sverdlovsk region. However, most of the childhood years of the future President spent in Berezniki, Perm region. It was there, in Berezniki, Yeltsin and graduated from high school. However, to get the coveted matriculation Boris Nikolayevich had to fight. According to Vladimir Fortunatov, the author of the book “Russian history in faces”, Yeltsin studied well, but with the behavior he had serious problems. Despite the fact that Boris has repeatedly elected President of the class, teachers considered him cocky and wayward.

However, the fact that disobedient disciple did at the meeting in honor of the end of the seventh grade, was not expecting anyone. About this case mentions in his book “Demons and angels Russian politics dashing 90” and Igor Molotov. At the meeting Yeltsin asked words and has accused her former teacher that she raised the hand and forced to do housework at home. Scandal, after which Boris was expelled from the school without the right to further education. Yeltsin appealed to the city Committee of the Komsomol and was restored, though at another school.

the First heart problem

during the school years Boris Yeltsin is seriously fond of sports. As he recalled the President, he was involved in everything: and skiing, and athletics, and gymnastics and the decathlon, and wrestling. But most of all, Yeltsin seized volleyball. And this, as noted in his book “the presidential Candidates Russia” Alexei Mukhin, despite the absence of two fingers on his left hand. After graduating from school with excellent grades in most subjects, Boris Yeltsin entered the Ural Polytechnic Institute, where he continued to lead an active lifestyle. As a student, Yeltsin was also a sportorg of the University.

Boris was even thinking about a career in sport. But those plans went awry. If you believe the author of the book “the Rulers of Russia. Boris Yeltsin” Rudolph pihoya, in 1952, Yeltsin suffered a sore throat, which, coupled with constant training has given complication on heart. The doctors insisted that the athlete requires long-term treatment, so Yeltsin took a sabbatical and returned to Berezniki. However, after a year on the table of the rector of UPI lay statement from Boris: “I Ask to accept me on the course 3 building faculty on a speciality PGS, because I was expelled due to illness”.


the Active student to take back to the Institute. And the rector certainly did not regret his decision: at least studied Boris Yeltsin worse than others. He even offered to stay on the Department and to engage in scientific work, but a future President such perspectives were not happy. Writes Ilya Zemtsov in his book “Persons and masks: about time and about itself” Boris Nikolaevich has refused the post of master and went to the construction site as a simple worker. He wanted to master the 12 professions working in order to know the whole process, that is, from and to.

However, the irreconcilable nature of Yeltsin with age will not go away. And this circumstance has often been a source of conflict between Boris Nikolayevich, his superiors and subordinates. So, Alexander Hinstein with reference to Yeltsin himself, in his book “Boris Yeltsin, the Kremlin: a case history” writes about the control of the trust Nicholas Sitnikova that in just one year, filed 17 complaints against the future leader of the country. The standoff continued until, while Sitnikov, who accused Yeltsin inaccuracies that were allegedly contained in ffinansowych documents are not lost to the court

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