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Leonid Brezhnev’s Wife was never interested in politics and did not like to appear in public. However, Victoria Petrovna and to this day is considered one of the most enigmatic figures in Soviet history. Many questions are concerned, for example, the biography of the “first lady”, and in particular its origin.

Victoria Petrovna, who in her girlhood bore the name Denisov, was born in the city of Belgorod in 1907. According to Eugene Dodolev in his book “the Case of Galina Brezhnev. Diamonds for a Princess”, parents of the future “first lady” of the USSR were ordinary people: father Peter Nikiforovich worked on the railroad, and his mother Anna was a housewife and upbringing of the children.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to Victoria, in the family Denisov had grown up three daughters and a son. However, sisters and brother Brezhneva got, as expressed by Victoria herself, and she named Alexandra, Valentina, Lydia and Konstantin. It is the name and became one of the main reasons why Victoria Brezhnev was suspected in the presence of Jewish roots.

However, if you believe the book of Sergey Semanova “Brezhnev: Pravitel “Golden age”,” Victoria Petrovna quite simply explained the desire of parents to call her “Polish style”. According to Brezhneva, Belgorod they had many neighbors-poles. Yes, and the godfather of Victoria Petrovna daughter was the same way. Apparently, “foreign”, but rather, as specified in the by Semenovym interview with Brezhnev, “off” name Denisov liked.

But the most heated debate is still not the name of the spouse of the Secretary General, and her name. Well-known journalist and biographer Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “the fall of the Soviet cinema. The secret behind the scenes war. 1973-1991 years,” confidently declares that in fact Victoria Petrovna Denisova was called Victoria PinhasovNoah Goldberg. It’s hard to deny the Jewish origin of “first lady” does not.

moreover, Anatoly Tishenko in the book “the Bells of alarm,” notes that, according to some, uncle to Victoria Brezhneva was none other than Leo Zakharovich Mehlis, the large public and military figure, one of the founders of repression in the red Army. Thanks Mehlis Leonid Brezhnev and occupied in 1945, the post of head of the political Department of the 4th Ukrainian front.

the Writer Leonid Mlechin in his book “Brezhnev” writes that Mehlis is really favored by Leonid Brezhnev. According to rumors, Lev Mehlis even tried to persuade field Brezhnev’s wife, Tamara to connect his life with the future Secretary General. However Mlechin believes that all this, including the relationship of Victoria Petrovna with Mehlis just a fantasy. Niece of Leo Zakharovich evil tongues even called herself Tamara, and Victoria Brezhnev had time to visit and as his own “daughter”.

However, speculation about the origin of Victoria Brezhneva for many has gradually become indisputable truth. For example, the author of the book “the Kremlin wives”, Larisa Vasilyeva claimed that Brezhnev she told about how she arrived in France with her husband, met with a sign: “Victoria Petrovna! You’re a Jew! Help your people! Let Jews go to their homeland!”.

and Lyudmila, the wife of Yuri Brezhnev, son of the Secretary General and Victoria Petrovna, often joked about the nationality of his mother, saying, not whether Anna Vladimirovna Denisova novel with some intelligent Jew, while Peter Nikiforovich ran the engine. At least that is the story of the life of the family Participation describes in his book “the secret relatives” Nikolay Zenkovich.

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