Amid the heated abortion debate in the US, the government is tightening protections for judges on the country’s Supreme Court. US Attorney General Merrick Garland met with various officials on Wednesday (local time) to discuss the security requirements for the Supreme Court and its judges after the latest data leak, the ministry announced in the evening. Garland had already instructed last week to ensure around-the-clock surveillance of the homes of all nine judges more quickly.

In early May, Politico magazine published a confidential draft of the court’s ruling that the Supreme Court is about to overturn its landmark 1973 abortion ruling. The court had confirmed the authenticity of the document, but emphasized that it was not the final decision. Such advance publication is considered a breach of the rules of the court.

The report sparked an outcry among abortion advocates and led to protests in various US cities. A final decision from the court is expected in the coming weeks.