Fashion is fun. You can showcase your personality without facing any problems. The twenty-first century is the best period to improvise with your style as you can easily combine any type of fashion trend and channel yourself through individuality. Even though the stylish trends look great, there are some factors or rules you need to know about styles. 

The details are the most important thing as they will either make your outfit or break your personality. Choosing the irrelevant type of tie or hat can damage your appearance as well as personality. However, there are thousands of men who make style mistakes that ruin their entire outfit. Sometimes, these mistakes are so common yet so massive that your reputation will be damaged. Here are the top 7 style mistakes that men should avoid in 2021. 


This is one of the most common styling mistakes men make while enhancing their appearance. Most of the men don’t know the characteristics and advantages of mens straw fedoraTherefore, they make mistakes while purchasing the fedora hats. 

Even though hats are very popular in the modern generation, you need to consider the event before purchasing the hat. For instance, the popularity of Bowler hats has been decreased and you can wear them only to showcase a vintage appearance. On the other hand, fedora hats for men are perfect for every occasion. However, keep in mind that you need to wear the hat perfectly. Cowboy hats are great for funky events where you need to capture attention. It doesn’t matter what you purchase, always wear the hats as per the occasions. 

Wrong Fit

It’s shocking to notice how many men don’t focus on the proper fitting of their outfits. Even if your purchase an expensive, high-quality, and beautiful suit, it will look dull if the fitting is improper. Fitting is the primary thing that will make the outfit look good. 

If you think the outfits are big, you need to replace them and find a size smaller. On the other hand, purchasing super tight outfits is another common styling mistake that would damage the durability and longevity of your clothes. 

Remember that your trousers require some vacant space when you sit or they will start ripping. Therefore, you need to choose trousers of the perfect size. If you’re purchasing a jacket, you need to consider the width of the shoulders, sides, waist, and sleeves. Remember that men that appear in improperly fitted clothes will spread a bad vibe. Make sure the clothes are always perfect as per the shape of your body. 

Length of Jacket Sleeve

This is undoubtedly one of the most common style mistakes that men make. The length of the jacket sleeve is extremely important to consider. Many people don’t focus on the jacket sleeve length and end up making then unapproachable. 

The improper length of the jacket sleeve will make the rest of your body look short or disjointed. Additionally, your hands will look much taller as the sleeve covers them. If you wear an attractive wristwatch, you need to struggle to see the time. Not to mention, you can showcase the beauty of the watch. 

Make sure the jacket sleeve length is perfect. This inexpensive and easy alteration will help you showcase your personality. 

Length of the Trouser

Most men don’t bother with the length of the trouser. Be it suits, jeans, or chinos, most men just neglect the proper length of the trouser they purchase. Improper length of the trousers will not only make you sloppy but make you look unprofessional. 

Hemming your trouser is the quickest, easiest, and most affordable alteration you need to remember. Additionally, it will also help you boost your fashion sense. 

Nowadays, men prefer trousers with ‘no-break’ where the trousers are straight over the boots. Another great option is ‘half-break’ where the trousers sit on the boots instead. Keep in mind that ‘full break’ is old-fashioned and perfect for older men. Whenever you purchase pants, make sure you spot this difference. 

Not Paying Attention to the Socks

Wearing the perfect socks will help you elevate your fashion statement to a whole new level. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to wear fancy socks. Not only the fancy socks but also the socks of irrelevant colors can damage your outfit. People will notice your shoes and if they find that the socks are irrelevant or dull, they will imagine a bad impression of you. 

If you’re combining socks with suits, make sure you do some research and purchase the perfect over-the-calf socks. Additionally, don’t forget to focus on the colors. Most of the times brown, black, and grey are the perfect colors for the socks. You can also try other colors as per your outfits. But don’t end up choosing vibrant colors for your socks. 

Choosing Cheap Shoes

Wearing cheap shoes or shoes of irrelevant styles will undoubtedly damage your entire outfit. Most men assume that those 90s blunt square shoes will look attractive on them. However, this is a huge misconception as these shoes will make you look like an older person. 

Additionally, purchasing cheap shoes from the local stores won’t last for more than 3-4 months. Before you think that investing in expensive shoes is a waste of money, think again. However, that doesn’t mean you need to purchase the super expensive Jordan shoes. Nowadays, you can purchase expensive shoes at great discounts. You can even find highly attractive as well as durable shoes for less than $200. As per Viebly, shoes make a great impression.

Obsession with Black Suit

Outside black tie events and funerals, you should never wear black suits in other formal or informal events. The obsession of men with black suits is understandable and it makes them extremely attractive. 

However, wearing a black suit many times will make you look like a waiter or a salesman. Additionally, the effectiveness of black suits is poor during the day and it will look dull. Not to mention, black suits cannot be paired with any color but white. 

Instead of black suits, you can choose other great colors such as charcoal or dark navy. 


These are the top 7 style mistakes men should avoid in 2021. Remember that your appearance will talk about your personality. Therefore, make sure you pay close attention to your fashion statement.