Uci road world Championships head Coach, Rik Verbrugghe today announced the final three names are well-known for his world cup selection. Tim Wellens has been one of the lucky ones. The 28-year-old rider of the team Lotto-Soudal this was the fourth in the grand prix of Montreal, and, of course, is very pleased with his selection, even though the Person is not happy with the communication.

“Verbrugghe told me that I was in his mind, a part of the selection, and the probability is 99 percent that I’m supposed to go to. In fact, I was a little worried,” said Wellens, Canada. “But we have Belgians to speak of themselves, of course, and actually, we found out that we are set against each other, were, as we can work well together. That was not a pleasant one. We would have preferred all of them in advance, clarity is had by all. We didn’t need to be the first five names, and then three more. Either everything, or nothing.”

Wellens said that to the coach. “He told me that he was in the third round of the uci to him, which had been imposed on them. Or is that to be effective, as it is, and why, and I don’t know. Yesterday, I spent a half an hour Verbrugghe called on the phone and I got it all working points is presented. Up to now, the collaboration is, after all, have not been so good. Not just for me, even with all the other Belgians. But, if the trial is not selected, the criticism would be, that would be a very small impression.”