Multimedia, Apple is launching tonight, in the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS, is 13. Apple would have to update some of the innovations that is not correct. It’s going to be a “dark mode”, to have more privacy, better batterijfunctie and innovative apps.

Important: Apple’s promises that the new version of iOS is it faster than the previous one. Face ID, the facial recognition system to the iPhone to unlock it, it would be up to 30% faster. The Apps would be over two times as fast to be able to open, as reported in the techreus itself.

And of course, the long-awaited ‘ dark fashion ” or ” dark mode .’, makes an appearance. Users will be able to in the iOS and 13, indicate that they would prefer to have a dark background. This background is then used in the menus and system apps.
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Thus, a dark background can be more pleasing to the eye, but it is also a great virtue for a battery. In theory, especially at the deiPhone XenXS: because these devices use the oled technology, which the black pixels are truly off. That will save you more battery life than, for example, lcd displays, where the pixels of the artificial black to be made.

in Addition, it adds, Apple is a smart batterijfunctie is increasing. So, look at your daily routine to answer the phone at night to charge it fully (this can be dangerous for the battery). For the last few percentage points for waking up fully charged.